Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter Summary

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband by Qiaoqiao revolves around Xaviera Evans, who comes from a wealthy family but is looked down upon by others. Rumors spread that she is sickly, weak, and a burden. She spends her family’s fortune on medications and requires ten servants to take care of her daily. Tired of these rumors, Xaviera decides she will no longer be seen as weak or dependent on her family.

The story also features Caleb Mamet, the youngest son of the wealthy Mamet family. It is said that he rashly married a woman only for her looks. One day, Xaviera sees one of Caleb’s employees struggling with numbers on a computer. Using her skills, she can crack the firewall created by top elite hackers, surprising Caleb. He becomes interested in Xaviera and wants to know what else she is hiding. Xaviera continues pretending to be weak and sickly, not revealing her true self.

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Book TitleClaiming My Possessive CEO Husband
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Tags Urban, Romance, Drama, Possessive CEO, Marriage, Relationships, Strong Female Lead, Wealthy Family, Rumors, Love, Intrigue, Power, Status

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband PDF

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband PDF

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 1

Xaviera decided to leave with her birth certificate after her sister Mag pleaded with her not to marry Moore. When Mag hysterically claimed Xaviera pushed her, everyone believed Mag without listening to Xaviera’s denial. Moore angrily slapped Xaviera, leaving marks on her face. Her father decided Mag would replace Xaviera in marrying Moore since Mag was seen as more virtuous and refined.

Xaviera realized her family had long planned to go back on their promise. She questioned if they only brought her back to gain control over her grandfather’s company shares. During the confrontation, Mag suddenly clutched her stomach in pain and revealed she was pregnant with Moore’s child. Moore embraced Mag lovingly and threatened Xaviera, holding her responsible if anything happened to Mag or the baby. He and Mr. Evans then rushed Mag for medical help, ending the confrontation.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 2

Xaviera saw Caleb Mamet waiting outside the Civil Affairs Bureau and overheard his conversation about a cancelled arranged marriage. She approached him and proposed marriage in exchange for 65% shares in her family business, the Evans Group. Though skeptical at first, Caleb agreed after Xaviera showed him documentation of the share transfer. They obtained a marriage certificate and left for Caleb’s residence together.

Caleb’s driver was shocked by this unexpected turn of events. During the quiet ride, Xaviera received a phone call from her father, who berated her in a cold tone. Her new husband Caleb remained silent but reminded his driver to drive carefully with his new wife in the vehicle.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 3

Rose Campbell, Xaviera Evan’s stepmother and Mag Evan’s birth mother, confronted Xaviera. She accused Xaviera of stealing Mag’s fiancé and causing her miscarriage. Rose claimed she had treated Xaviera kindly since she returned to the Evans family, but that Xaviera’s actions showed she was a vicious woman.

Xaviera remained calm, reminding Rose that she was the rightful Miss of the Evans family while Mag had no shame becoming a mistress. She stated that Rose stole her father from her mother, and now Mag stole her fiancé. Xaviera declared that she would one day take back everything that was stolen from her mother and herself.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 4

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Xaviera and Caleb

Xaviera realized she didn’t know the name of her marriage partner and wanted to ask Caleb, but he gestured for her to check the certificate herself. While searching her bag, a surprised Xaviera found Caleb’s finger poking her lips, silencing her. The touch left his finger tingling and Caleb quickly wiped it away, though Xaviera exclaimed it was sweet, much to his confusion.

Upon seeing their location as the exclusive Lowen Clubhouse neighborhood, Xaviera understood Caleb was from the influential Mamet family in Libanan. As Moore’s younger uncle, Caleb held significant standing. Recalling the sweetness of his finger, Xaviera proposed they stay married and spend money together after she transferred her family’s shares, not wanting to lose sight of Caleb.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 5

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 5

Caleb suggested that Xaviera stay in the same room as him, wanting to tease her. However, this backfired when Xaviera began openly touching and kissing Caleb, licking his fingertips. While Xaviera found Caleb’s fingers tasted sweet and was delighted, Caleb pulled away hurriedly and spent the rest of the afternoon avoiding her by staying in the study. When Xaviera went downstairs hungry in the evening, a middle-aged woman confronted her aggressively upon entering the villa. She ordered Xaviera to leave within three seconds, threatening to repeat herself, as the maids watched nervously.

Later in the evening, a middle-aged woman entered the villa and immediately confronted Xaviera aggressively. She ordered Xaviera to leave within three seconds while threatening to repeat herself. The maids watched nervously, hesitating to intervene. Meanwhile, Caleb had suggested sharing a room with Xaviera to tease her, but this backfired when Xaviera began openly kissing and tasting his fingers. Though Xaviera was delighted, finding his fingers sweet, Caleb pulled away hurriedly and avoided her by staying in the study all afternoon.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 6

Lynne sneered at the servant who said the new woman, Xaviera Evans, was brought by Mr. Mamet to be the new Madam. Lynne ordered the servants to throw Xaviera out. However, Xaviera noted the high level security system should make it impossible for outsiders like herself to enter without permission. She deduced Lynne was threatened by a new hostess and wanted to expel her due to enjoying her high status in running the villa.

When Lynne angrily tried to slap Xaviera, Xaviera subdued her easily, much to Caleb’s amusement upstairs. Though rumored to be weak, Xaviera demonstrated her abilities. Caleb waved away the servants taking the struggling Lynne and asked Xaviera why she came down, to which she replied she was hungry. Even discussing intimate topics, Xaviera remained expressionless while Caleb smiled maliciously, inviting her to dinner without restrictions due to her bitter experiences.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 7

Caleb Mamet and Xaviera Evans met for the first time at dinner, where Caleb observed Xaviera’s interest in his hands. Despite their marriage certificate, they were still strangers; however, Xaviera found Caleb unique and was tempted by his sweetness after experiencing bitterness. Meanwhile, Moore Mamet called Xaviera, pressuring her to take the blame for the incident with Mag that was uploaded online. He threatened Xaviera’s position in the Evans family, but she refused to help cover for Mag, determined to repay past grievances against Mag and her mother.

Xaviera remained unfazed by Moore’s threats to her status and livelihood, confident in her ability to adapt back to life in the countryside. She rejected his demands that she publicly defend Mag and claim the marriage pursuit was her own fault. Xaviera saw through Moore’s transparent lies and had no qualms speaking harshly to him. While legally wed, she insisted she was not part of Moore’s Evans family due to their history.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 8

Moore Mamet expressed disappointment with Xaviera Evans for changing overnight and said she didn’t deserve to marry into their family. However, Xaviera remembered she had already married Caleb Mamet, Moore’s uncle and the head of the Mamet family.

The next morning, Xaviera realized she had slept in the master bedroom alone as Caleb stayed in the guest room. When she asked him why, Caleb thought to himself that of course he didn’t sleep in the same room as her. Their interaction was tense as Caleb made clear he only agreed to the marriage for his father and because he thought Xaviera didn’t truly want to marry. Xaviera offered to transfer her company shares early and make three additional commitments to compensate Caleb.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 9

Caleb overheard Mr. Evans yelling loudly. Xaviera reassured Caleb she could handle the situation herself regarding her upcoming marriage. At the hospital, Mag lay in bed pale as Mr. and Mrs. Evans blamed Xaviera for their grandson’s death. Mag defended Xaviera and said it was not her fault, upsetting her parents further. Mr. Evans angrily decided to give Mag Xaviera’s engagement to Moore instead as compensation. Xaviera refused this demand.

Xaviera confronted Mag at the hospital, implying she knew Mag was pretending about her grief and loss. Mag acted confused by Xaviera’s accusations. Xaviera mocked that Mag would not truly cry unless she saw a coffin. Xaviera did not believe Mag’s performance of being distraught over losing her baby and wanting Xaviera to be happy with Moore instead.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Chapter 10

Mag Evans angrily confronted her sister Xaviera about why she had returned and taken everything that was supposed to be hers, including her family name, fiancé, and position in their family business. She resented Xaviera for portraying herself as a proper lady when she felt Xaviera was beneath her. Xaviera remained calm and explained that in reality, Mag was the usurper and had taken everything that was rightfully hers after her mother’s marriage was intruded by Mag’s mother.

Their argument grew more intense as they debated the validity of evidence. Mag insisted that the recording Xaviera had of her was fake and that the hospital records proved she had an abortion. However, Xaviera revealed she had an encrypted video file that clearly showed the truth of Mag’s claims. She stated that if Mag was relying only on paper documents as proof, she risked losing against Xaviera’s more substantial evidence that could disprove her entire story.

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