The Princess to Eight Uncles (Chapter Summary)

The Princess to Eight Uncles chapter

This novel has other names such as The Princess to Eight Uncles and Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! I remember I got tears in my eyes after just reading the first 3 chapters.

The Three-and-a-Half Year-Old Baby Is Pampered by Eight Uncles is a heartwarming and emotional story about family bonds and overcoming adversity.

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I have written the review of this novel, you can check it out here: The Princess to Eight Uncles Novel Review

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 1

We are introduced to our tragic heroine, the sweet-natured Yunbao, just three and a half years old and already suffering unimaginable abuse. Yunbao’s mother tragically passed away, leaving Yunbao at the mercy of her supposed “father” Wang Wang, who took her in. However, rather than caring for her, Wang Wang and his wicked new wife Li Hong proceed to treat poor Yunbao worse than an animal. They degrade her, provide barely any food or clothing, and even forbid her from having a proper name, only calling her “jinx.” My heart instantly goes out to poor little Yunbao in just the first few pages.

The abuse escalates until the dramatic moment when Li Hong engineers her own miscarriage, purposefully falling down the stairs in order to frame Yunbao. She coldly accuses Yunbao of pushing her, leading to Yunbao being thrown out into the snow by Wang Wang and left to freeze to death. It is an absolutely chilling scene that really cements just how evil and uncaring Wang Wang and Li Hong are. Someone desperately needs to save this poor child!

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 2

This chapter provides the first glimmer of hope for Yunbao as she is able to reach out to her uncles, and the brothers of her late mother, before passing out in the snow. We are introduced to the kind and wealthy Gu family, in particular, Yunbao’s Little Uncle Gu Peng. I was immediately rooting for them to save her!

The emotional reunion scene as the Gu brothers rushed to rescue Yunbao gave me goosebumps. However, their joy upon finding her is tempered by the realization of just how badly abused and near-death she has become. The descriptions of her many injuries are heart-wrenching to read. This has the makings of an amazing story though, as you just know the Gu family will provide the loving home that Yunbao always deserved.

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 3

While difficult to read at times, this chapter provides some satisfying vengeance against Yunbao’s abuser Wang Wang. The brutal beating he receives from her protective uncles, while disturbing, does bring a sense of justice after how horrifically he treated a small child.

We also learn more about the scheming, social-climbing mindset of wicked stepmother Li Hong. Even with little Yunbao left for dead, her only concern is finding a way to latch onto the prestigious Gu family, rather than showing any remorse. The contrast between the kindness of Yunbao’s new uncles and the evil of Wang Wang and Li Hong makes for compelling reading.

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 4

My heart melted as we saw little Yunbao experience love and comfort for the first time as she went “home” with her uncles to their lavish estate. Small moments like Yunbao carefully asking if she can have some hot food when she was so neglected before, are particularly emotional.

It is clear the entire extended Gu family adores her, especially her Little Uncle Gu Peng. But trouble is brewing as news comes that her abusive father Wang Wang is already telling lies to save himself and sully Yunbao’s reputation. Even near death’s door, he refuses to take accountability. Someone needs to make that man pay!

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 5

This chapter introduces more of Yunbao’s new loving family as she meets her new sister, Gu Zi, and brother, Gu Ming. However, stepsister Gu Zi immediately becomes jealous of the doting attention Yunbao receives from the adults. She acts out in childish yet cruel ways, like shoving Yunbao from their grandmother’s lap.

My heart went out to Yunbao, whose sweet caring nature is only met with more bullying, this time from a spoiled sister. Yet she chooses to show patience and kindness even when Gu Zi is undeservedly mean. Yunbao truly has the soul of an angel.

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 6

The complicated family dynamic continues as poor Yunbao is stuck in the middle of ongoing tensions between the adults over how Gu Zi is being raised. Gu Zi’s spoiled behavior boils over during an uncomfortable family dinner.

However, Father Gu Lin realizes he has been neglecting Gu Zi’s upbringing and tries to make amends. In a wise parenting move, he tells young Gu Zi the full story of Yunbao’s traumatic past in order to build empathy. It seems to work, as children tend to bounce back quickly from conflicts once the root cause is addressed.

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 7

This chapter gave me renewed hope as Gu Zi and Yunbao have an emotional breakthrough, sincerely apologizing to each other for their previous conflicts. It is a testament to the resilience of children that they are able to fight and make up so easily. If only more adults could move past conflicts as quickly!

With the sisterly relationship on the mend, we get many heartwarming scenes of Yunbao settling happily into the Gu family and preparing excitedly for her upcoming birthday party. The tragic girl who only had rags now has a room full of beautiful clothes and toys. But touchingly, all she asks for her birthday is a cake, not even knowing what birthdays fully entail after years of neglect.

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 8

More touching moments arise as Yunbao goes shopping for new clothes with Gu Zi and her doting Little Uncle Gu Peng. Even formerly petulant Gu Zi has come around and wants to treat Yunbao as a true sister.

However, the good times are threatened as vicious rumors, courtesy of Yunbao’s evil former stepmother Li Hong, begin spreading through elite circles. Li Hong is gossiping that Yunbao injured her on purpose and caused her miscarriage. I prayed that this malevolent woman would not succeed in ruining Yunbao’s first real birthday!

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 9

It’s finally Yunbao’s big day – her birthday party with the Gu family! My heart swelled reading how cute she looked all dressed up for the party and how much she appreciated her new life. This is a big step toward healing.

But of course, that happiness is interrupted by the arrival of the Wicked Witch Li Hong and Yunbao’s Big Bad Wolf of a father, Wang Wang. They crash the party, pretending to beg forgiveness, but it is clearly just a shameless act to spread lies and rumors about innocent Yunbao. I was livid reading their lies! Luckily, Yunbao’s brave new sister Gu Zi stands up for her.

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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 10

The drama escalates as Wang Wang tells vicious lies to the party guests that Yunbao pushed Li Hong, causing her miscarriage out of jealousy. What atrocious slander! However, our brave heroine Gu Zi loudly refutes the lies, standing up for Yunbao in front of everyone and calling out the scheming adults. I cheered reading this!

In a welcome moment of karma, it is revealed that wicked stepmother Li Hong herself orchestrated those party crashers coming. She remains committed to destroying Yunbao out of nothing but petty jealousy. I pray Gu Zi can maintain her righteous anger and that Li Hong’s schemes to turn the family against Yunbao ultimately fail.

After ten chapters of mistreatment, our brave protagonist Yunbao deserves so much better! I cannot wait to see this wonderful child overcome the scheming villains and truly get her happily ever after. She has battled through so much already. Please let her have a peaceful new life with her loving uncles and sister!

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