Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter Summary

Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Free Chapters

Werewolf’s Heartsong revolves around a protagonist who participates in Alpha Class fights, seeking to assert herself and break free from a past marked by abuse and mistreatment. With her newfound strength and determination, she confronts her opponents while facing jealousy and disapproval from her family.

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Book TitleWerewolf’s Heartsong by dizzyizzyn
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresWerewolf, dizzyizzyn, Alora and Damien Story
TagsAge Gap, Alpha, Arranged Marriage, BDSM, Billionaire, BXB, BXG, D$$$$$$t, Dragons, Enemies To Lovers, E$$$$c, Fantasy, Fated Mates, Forbidden, Kidnapping, LGBT+, Mafia, Polyamory, Possessive, Pregnancy, Rejected, Revenge, Reverse-Harem, Shifter, Smut, Strong Female Lead, Supernatural, V$$$$n, WereWolf

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn PDF

Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Free Chapters PDF

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 1

Alora wakes up to the screeching of her alarm clock, dreading her job at a fast-food restaurant. Despite her family’s preference for pale features, Alora was born with violet eyes, dark hair, and olive skin, making her stand out from her Clan.

She discovers through a DNA test that she is related to the powerful werewolf bloodline of Luna Heartsong, whose unique abilities include influencing emotions through song. Alora’s family has tried to hide her heritage, as it goes against the Clan’s tradition of breeding out any dark features.

To protect herself, Alora has kept this information secret, even from her family. With the help of the Alpha and the school, she has been able to accelerate her education and complete her degrees without her family’s knowledge. Alora is physically strong and toned, having trained with the Pack’s elite trainers to conceal her abilities from her family.

She is now training with the senior class, while her sister and other pack members are in the reserve group. Alora is determined to use her unique abilities and education to escape her family after graduation, as she feels she is hated for not fitting the Clan’s physical ideal.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 2

Alora’s sister Sarah tormented her, threatening to have her exiled from the pack once Sarah was mated to the Beta’s son, Matt. Alora discovered that she was the doppelganger of their ancestor, Luna Heartsong, an esteemed Alpha warrior, which her family was ashamed of.

Alora was excited about potentially meeting her mate that day, as her graduation was approaching. At a pack picnic, Alora was complimented for her appearance, which infuriated Sarah. Sarah and her friends then tried to drown Alora in the raging river, but Alora managed to cling to a branch and pull herself out, collapsing in the mud.

A young wolf and his father found Alora in this state, shocked at her condition.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 3

The Alpha and his son Damien found a young girl, Alora, who had been abused and thrown into a river. They took her to the Pack House to treat her injuries. The Alpha recognized Alora but was unsure of her identity, as she had features of different Clans.

Damien was concerned about returning her to her family, fearing they were the ones who had abused her. Alora, now living with an abusive family, is preparing for her training exams at school. She decides not to hold back anymore, tired of hiding her true abilities.

She dresses confidently in athletic clothes, ready to showcase her skills. Alora’s wolf, Xena, is excited for the exams, but Alora is concerned about the consequences of not holding back. Nevertheless, she is determined to be free from her oppressive family, with only two weeks left until her graduation and independence.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 4

The protagonist, a young werewolf named Alora, is about to become the third leading Research Doctor in the Pack’s Lab. She is excited about the respect and nobility that the position will bring, especially since it will distance her from her abusive family.

Alora has already changed her last name to Heartsong, with the approval of the Alpha, as she is of the Heartsong bloodline. Alora’s best friend is Darien, the Alpha’s second son, who she suspects is waiting for his mate to turn eighteen.

Alora also believes that Darien’s mate is Serenity, a shy and sweet she-wolf who has been the target of Alora’s sister’s bullying. Alora is eager to find her own mate but is also dreading the possibility of rejection. On the way to school, Alora’s mother angrily confronts her about her clothes, but Alora ignores her and leaves with Darien.

Alora is determined to start revealing her true self and no longer hide away, despite the potential consequences from her abusive family.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 5

The chapter follows the interactions between Darien, his friend Alora, and Serenity, Alora’s sister, as they discover they are mates. Darien confides in Alora his worries about Serenity rejecting him, but Alora reassures him that Serenity will accept him. When Serenity arrives, she immediately senses Darien and runs to him, and they confirm their mating.

Alora is happy for the couple, but there is a hint of sadness and wariness in her expression, suggesting she is anticipating something bad happening to her. Serenity’s brothers, Galen and Kian, approach Alora, curious about her reaction and the rumors surrounding her.

Alora remains calm and composed, despite the brothers’ intimidating presence, hinting at a deeper, more complex story.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 6

The chapter focuses on Alora, a she-wolf who has been the subject of many rumors in the school. Galen and Kian, two siblings, approach her and express their doubts about the rumors, indicating that they believe some of them to be false.

Alora then reveals that she has been isolated by her own sister, Sarah, who has made sure that Darien is her only friend in school. Galen and Kian are shocked by this revelation and decide to become friends with Alora, seeing her as someone who has been wronged and deserving of their protection.

Meanwhile, Alora’s sister Sarah and her friends arrive at the school, making disparaging comments about Alora and her car. Darien, who is Alora’s best friend and the mate of Galen and Kian’s sister, steps in to defend Alora’s honor, confronting Sarah and her group with anger and loathing.

The chapter highlights the complex dynamics within the werewolf community, with Alora’s isolation and mistreatment by her own sister, and Darien’s willingness to stand up for his friend against the powerful group led by Sarah. The introduction of Galen and Kian as potential new allies for Alora suggests a shift in the power dynamics and the possibility of a brighter future for the isolated she-wolf.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 7

Matt rejects Alora as his mate, causing her immense pain. Sarah, Alora’s sister, slaps her multiple times for trying to “steal” Matt. Galen intervenes and defends Alora, calling Sarah a “b$$$h” for her behavior. Alora reveals a painful past of abuse from her family, which Kian and Galen are shocked to learn about.

Alora expresses her exhaustion with the constant abuse and considers not making it to the three-day mark, implying she may give up. Darien, Serenity, and the others surround Alora, providing support during this difficult situation.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 8

Darien reveals that Alora has been abused by Sarah and her posse since she was young, with the twins Galen and Kian witnessing the latest incident. Alora decides it’s time to put Sarah in her place during the upcoming training exams.

The exams are held in a grand arena, with the fighters divided into classes based on their skill level. Alora and Darien are in the top Alpha fighter class, while Galen, Kian, and Serenity are in the Elite class. Alora’s parents, Allister and Bettina, are displeased to see their daughter not in the Elite class and start searching for her, eventually realizing she has changed her name to Heartsong.

Alora taunts them through text messages, and as the fights begin, her sister and friends are quickly eliminated, much to Alora’s satisfaction.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 9

Serenity had placed third in the Elite class, while Galen and Kian ended up in a tie after a 30-minute fight. As the arena was being cleaned up, Darien told the protagonist that it was good she didn’t take Matthew as her mate, as he was weak.

When the names of the top-ranked students were announced, the protagonist felt pride in her strong and fierce-looking wolf form. Darien pointed out that the protagonist’s name change had shifted the power dynamics, with Mason’s family now becoming top-ranked among the Northmountains.

The first matches saw Mason defeating Garrett, and Jaxon defeating Jamison. Darien then defeated Lexus, setting up the protagonist’s match against Jaxon. The protagonist felt confident in her speed and ability to use nerve points to cripple her opponent. She was also aware that her wolf, Xena, was the biggest she-wolf in the pack, marking her as a Heartsong.

The protagonist was no longer afraid of her parents’ fury, as the Alpha had the authority to protect her education. She smirked at her parents and prepared to face Jaxon in the arena. Meanwhile, an Alpha wolf at a prestigious training school, who had helped nurse the protagonist back to health as a pup, was looking at her recent picture with anger towards her abusive parents.

He had made a deal with his father to have her protected, and his younger brother, the protagonist’s best friend, had been providing him with updates about her situation over the years.

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Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter 10

The chapter follows the story of a young she-wolf named Alora, who has endured significant abuse and isolation from her family. Her brother’s friend, the narrator, has been secretly watching over her and trying to help her gain her freedom. Alora recently discovered her mate, but he rejected her in front of the school, leading to a confrontation with her abusive sister.

This incident has pushed Alora to her limit, and she has decided to no longer hold back. The narrator and his chosen beta, Xander, are concerned about the consequences of Alora’s decision, as they know she possesses significant power. The chapter also reveals Alora’s true heritage, as she is a descendant of the Heartsong line, a powerful bloodline.

The narrator has been working to help Alora gain her independence and move into the pack house, anticipating the need to protect her from further harm.

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