Chasing His Kickass Luna Back Chapter Summary

Chasing His Kickass Luna Back

“Chasing His Kickass Luna Back” by Jane Above Story revolves around Abby, a divorcee whose alpha ex-husband thought she was heartbroken, but in reality, she is dating a series of attractive men every day. The ex-husband unexpectedly interrupts one of Abby’s dates, demanding to know how she dares to move on, to which Abby responds with confusion, not recognizing him.

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Book TitleChasing His Kickass Luna Back
Author Jane Above Story
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresWereWolf, Abby
TagsBXG, Comedy, Humor, Romance, Second Chance, Sweet, Tragedy, WereWolf

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Chasing His Kickass Luna Back PDF

Chasing His Kickass Luna Back PDF

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Chapter 1

Abby, the ex-wife of the powerful Alpha Karl, has moved on with her life after their unexpected divorce three years ago. She now owns and manages a successful restaurant, which has become a popular gathering place for the elite. Despite her former status as Karl’s Luna, Abby has embraced her new role and found happiness in her work.

When a man claiming to be Karl’s employee attempts to book the restaurant, Abby firmly asserts her position as the boss, refusing to accommodate him and instead asking him to make an appointment like everyone else. This moment of defiance against her former husband’s influence showcases Abby’s newfound confidence and independence.

Abby takes pride in the success of her restaurant, which she has built from the ground up. She is unfazed by the pity and condescension of her former friend Emily, who represents the elite circles Abby once belonged to. Abby has found fulfillment in her own accomplishments, no longer defined by her previous role as Karl’s wife.

The chapter highlights Abby’s transformation from a dependent Luna to a self-assured business owner, determined to forge her own path and not be beholden to her ex-husband’s power and status. Her encounter with the man claiming to represent Karl suggests that Abby is ready to confront her past and assert her own authority, setting the stage for potential future interactions with her former husband.

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Chapter 2

Abby, Leah, and Chloe have a weekly afternoon tea date in the capital. Abby, a talented dessert maker, shares that a member of Karl’s staff had recently tried to make a reservation at the restaurant where Abby works. Leah and Chloe express their disapproval of Karl, Abby’s ex-husband, whom they believe was too controlling and never treated Abby right.

They discuss how Abby had to change many aspects of herself to please Karl, from her appearance to her hobbies. Abby is reluctant to fully admit that Karl was a problematic partner, but her friends convince her that she deserved better.

Leah then shows Abby an interview with Karl’s secretary, who praises him and mentions that he attracts a lot of female attention. Disgusted, Abby’s friends vow to find her a new, better partner. Leah sends Abby the contact information of 17 eligible bachelors, determined to help Abby move on from her past relationship.

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Chapter 3

Abby goes on a date with a man named Luke, but he becomes inappropriate and she leaves him in the bathroom stall. At the bar, Abby feels like she is being watched and then meets another man named Adam, who seems more interested in her and her cooking.

However, Abby’s ex-boyfriend Karl suddenly appears and confronts her about dating multiple men and wearing revealing clothes, expressing his disapproval. Adam backs away nervously as Karl glares at Abby.

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Chapter 4

Abby finds herself unexpectedly running into her ex-husband, Karl, at an upscale bar in the capital. Abby is surprised and tries to avoid him, but Karl engages her, questioning her dating life since their divorce. Abby asserts that they are now strangers and she has moved on, but Karl becomes agitated, even going so far as to break a bottle in his frustration.

Abby decides to leave the situation, taking the hand of her current date, Adam, who is interested in investing in Abby’s restaurant. As they are about to leave, a woman approaches the table, and Abby is shocked to see that it is Karl, now accompanied by a woman in a formal dress.

The chapter ends with Abby and Karl staring at each other, the tension palpable between the former spouses.

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Chapter 5

Tiffany, Karl’s cousin, has returned from studying abroad and is accompanying him to an Alpha party, despite his reluctance. As they arrive at a restaurant to make arrangements, Karl is surprised to see his ex-wife Abby working there. Tiffany and Abby are unaware of each other’s identities, and Karl is torn between his wolf’s desire to reconcile with Abby and his own conviction that he cannot forgive her for cheating on him with his gardener.

Karl reflects on the overwhelming evidence he had of Abby’s infidelity, but his wolf argues that she never admitted to it. Seeing Abby again stirs up conflicting emotions in Karl, and he finds himself still drawn to her beauty and concerned for her well-being, despite the betrayal.

The chapter explores the complex dynamics between Karl, Tiffany, and Abby, as well as Karl’s internal struggle to move on from his past relationship.

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Chapter 6

Abby is surprised to see her ex-husband Karl and his companion Tiffany at the restaurant where she works. Tiffany, an intelligent and refined woman, looks down on Abby and demands to see the boss, claiming they are VIPs going to the Alpha party.

When Abby refuses to accommodate them, Tiffany becomes confrontational and grabs Abby’s collar, but Karl intervenes. Abby is conflicted about her feelings towards Karl, but she remains firm in denying their request, stating that the restaurant is fully booked. When a waiter, Sam, arrives, Tiffany demands that Abby be fired for her poor service, but Sam is confused by the request, as Abby is his boss.

The chapter highlights the tension between Abby and her ex-husband, as well as Tiffany’s attempts to use her status to get what she wants.

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Chapter 7

Tiffany is shocked to discover that Abby, Karl’s ex-wife, is the owner of the restaurant they have visited. Abby seems to be in a close relationship with another woman, which annoys Karl. He desperately wants to talk to Abby, but she brushes him off, citing her busy schedule.

Tiffany is frustrated that Karl’s ex-wife owns the restaurant, ruining her chance to impress her friends. Karl is conflicted, as he still has feelings for Abby and misses their life together, despite the betrayal that led to their divorce. His wolf is adamant that Abby is his fated mate and that he should try to win her back.

Reluctantly, Karl agrees to investigate the circumstances of their separation, even though he is skeptical about Abby’s innocence. Tiffany storms out, annoyed that she couldn’t get her way with the restaurant staff. Karl is left torn between his desire to reconnect with Abby and the painful memories of their past.

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