Divorced! Now what? Chapter Summary

Divorced! Now what?

Divorced! Now what? by VJParker revolves around Bethany’s discovery of her husband’s infidelity with her twin sister, leading her to consider divorce and seeking revenge against her sister.

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Book TitleDivorced! Now what?
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Modern Romance
Tags romance, doctor, workplace romance, office romance

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Divorced! Now what? PDF

Divorced! Now what? PDF

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Chapter 1

Bethany discovers her husband Bret and her twin sister Cynthia are having an affair. She witnesses them kissing and engaging in s$$$$l activities in her home. Bethany learns that Cynthia is only with Bret for his money, as Bethany pays for everything while Cynthia spends Bret’s wages on herself.

Bret expresses his desire to leave Bethany and be with Cynthia, but Cynthia refuses, wanting to keep Bethany’s money. Devastated by the betrayal, Bethany decides to take legal action, planning to visit a lawyer, cancel credit cards, and close accounts to protect her assets before the weekend.

She is determined not to see either Bret or Cynthia anytime soon.

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Chapter 2

Bethany has decided to file for divorce after discovering her husband’s infidelity. She goes to the bank to close a joint account, denying her husband access to the funds. Feeling empowered, Bethany then reaches out to her friend Cathy, who is struggling at her job in real estate.

Bethany asks Cathy to list her house for sale and help her move out, as she plans to start a new job at a private hospital. Cathy is thrilled to assist Bethany, seeing it as an opportunity to earn a significant commission.

Bethany also requests Cathy to find her a new, secure living space, preferably a penthouse. With her plans in motion, Bethany is determined to move forward and start a new chapter in her life, leaving behind the pain of her failed marriage.

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Chapter 3

Bethany visits her boss, who offers her a new job managing the research section of the heart clinic at a private hospital. Bethany is going through an emotional time and wants to get away, so she accepts the offer. She then meets with her lawyer to finalize her divorce from her cheating husband Bret and make changes to her will.

Bethany also confronts her sister Cynthia, who has been having an affair with Bret and using Bethany’s money. Bethany shows her family the video evidence and announces her divorce. Her father later calls her, expressing his support and desire to rebuild their relationship.

Bethany then leaves her family home and heads to Preston to start her new job and life.

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Chapter 4

Bethany, a newly divorced woman, moves into a luxurious penthouse and is immediately greeted by her attractive neighbor, Theo. Theo helps Bethany with her groceries and they strike up a friendly conversation. Bethany’s realtor, Cathy, calls with an offer on Bethany’s old house, which Bethany quickly accepts, eager to move on from her past.

Later, Theo unexpectedly enters Bethany’s penthouse, and they continue their casual banter. Bethany contemplates whether to address Theo’s forwardness, but decides to let it slide for now, feeling that he might be just the change she needs in her life. The two have a pleasant breakfast together, discussing the local area and avoiding any personal topics.

Bethany seems intrigued by Theo and open to the possibility of a new relationship, despite her recent divorce.

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