Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter Summary

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

Title: Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare The web novel by author Jikanyotomare revolves around a human woman who is unexpectedly claimed as the mate of a powerful Lycan Alpha. As she navigates the challenges of this new life, she must confront her own preconceptions, embrace her destiny, and find her place within the Lycan pack.

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Book TitleBelong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresSecond Chance, Jikanyotomare, Lilac and Aiden
TagsAlpha Male, Fantasy, Revenge, Substitute, V$$$$n, WereWolf

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare PDF

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare PDF

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 1

Lilac, Luna Jasmine, and Alpha James waited at the entrance gates of the Golden Claw pack for the return of their warriors from the war against the lycans. Lilac, Aidan’s destined mate, eagerly anticipated his arrival. When Aidan finally returned, leading a thousand warriors, he greeted his parents but avoided Lilac, much to her confusion and heartbreak.

Aidan then introduced a beautiful woman, claiming her as the one he had mentioned in his letters, leaving Lilac and his family bewildered. Alpha James appeared displeased with Aidan’s actions, and Luna Jasmine gently guided Lilac back to the pack house, promising to discuss the matter later.

The chapter ends with a sense of unease and unanswered questions surrounding Aidan’s unexpected behavior towards his destined mate, Lilac.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 2

Lilac was distraught as Aiden, her destined mate, continued to avoid her and stay distant since his return. During a party, Lilac noticed a woman staying in Aiden’s bedroom, and the pack leaders refused to explain the situation. In a private meeting, Aiden announced that he had chosen the woman, Ruby, as his mate, as she was pregnant with his child.

Lilac was devastated, and the pack leaders revealed that they had known about this for two months. Unable to handle the situation, Lilac rushed out, and Aiden followed her, trying to explain that it was a mistake and that he was lonely while Lilac was not around.

Lilac was in disbelief at Aiden’s excuse, feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 3

Aiden, the mate of Lilac, returned from a grueling war, but his actions during his absence had deeply hurt Lilac. Aiden tried to justify his infidelity, claiming the intensity of the battle and his loneliness, but Lilac was devastated that he did not even apologize.

Lilac, who had been waiting faithfully for Aiden’s return, was heartbroken to learn of his unfaithfulness. Despite Aiden’s attempts to reconcile, Lilac refused to accept his proposal to continue their relationship, feeling betrayed. Heartbroken, Lilac isolated herself in her room, refusing to see Aiden.

Her friend Aria and Luna Jasmine tried to coax Lilac to attend an upcoming party to welcome the Lycan pack, hoping it would lift her spirits, but Lilac was inconsolable, wishing she could disappear.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 4

Aria and Luna Jasmine encourage Lilac to try on a dress for the welcoming party, which Lilac reluctantly agrees to. Lilac feels conflicted about her relationship with Aiden and considers Ruby as a potential mother figure instead. At the party, Lilac is overwhelmed by the tense atmosphere and the presence of the werewolf pack.

Aria tries to cheer Lilac up, reminding her not to feel upset and to show Aiden what he’s missing. Lilac spots the tall and bulky lycans at the party, which amazes Aria. Feeling tired and overwhelmed, Lilac decides to rest at a drinks stall, where an old man greets her and provides her with a sweet drink.

Lilac notices someone staring at her, but remains silent.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 5

Lilac was minding her own business when she felt someone’s intense gaze upon her. One of the men in the stall fixed his dark, bottomless eyes on her, exuding an aura of dominance. Lilac realized he must be a lycan, as his physique differed greatly from a werewolf’s.

Feeling afraid and uncomfortable, Lilac tried to avoid eye contact, but the man kept staring at her. Just as Lilac was about to leave, the lycan alpha, known as Hunter, approached her and addressed her as the “rumored Lilac, the rejected mate of the future alpha.” Lilac was shocked and confused, unsure of what he wanted from her.

Before she could respond, Aiden arrived and called out to Lilac, relieved to see her. However, Hunter firmly stated that he would speak with Lilac first, dismissing Aiden. The chapter highlights the introduction of the powerful lycan alpha, Hunter, and his interest in Lilac, the rumored rejected mate of the future alpha.

The tension between Lilac, Aiden, and Hunter is palpable, leaving the reader to wonder about the significance of Lilac’s connection to the lycan pack and the potential conflicts that may arise.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 6

Hunter spoke sternly to Aiden, stating he would talk to Lilac first. Aiden was not pleased, and the tension between the two alphas was palpable. Aiden felt miserable, unable to reach Lilac, and the bond between them only complicated matters. Hunter, however, refused to let go of Lilac’s hand, which left her unable to refuse Aiden’s request to talk.

Lilac clearly stated that she did not want to talk to Aiden, much to Hunter’s amusement. Aiden, unwilling to accept the rejection, tried to force Lilac to talk to him. Sensing the situation, Lilac took Hunter’s hand and asked to leave, surprising the alpha.

Hunter obliged, and as they left, Aiden furiously called out to Lilac, but she remained resolute in her decision, leaving him behind.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 7

Lilac thanked Alpha Hunter for his help, but he seemed confused and led her to a quiet alley, wanting to talk. Lilac tried to leave, but Hunter wouldn’t let her go, introducing himself as the alpha of the lycan pack. Lilac politely introduced herself as well, but felt uncomfortable in the dark corner.

Hunter then bluntly asked Lilac to be his woman at the party, shocking her. Lilac tried to explain that she had only used him as an excuse to get away from someone else, but Hunter claimed he didn’t understand the subtext.

Lilac felt he was mocking her and realized his cunning nature that allowed him to be the alpha. Lilac wanted to leave, but Hunter refused to let go of her hand. He said he hadn’t even spoken to her properly yet.

Lilac remembered her lessons from Luna Jasmine about dealing with reckless opponents, so she kept her guard up, trying to figure out what the alpha wanted from her.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 8

Lilac felt discomfort when she had to crane her neck to look at the towering Hunter. She could smell his d$$$$$$t scent, which overwhelmed her. Hunter casually asked Lilac to be his woman at the upcoming party, despite knowing she was Aiden’s mate.

Lilac was taken aback, unsure of Hunter’s intentions, as she knew the party was to celebrate the peace treaty between the werewolf and lycan packs. Hunter revealed that he was aware of the rumors about Lilac and insisted on taking her to the party, hinting that Aiden would not care about the woman carrying his child.

Lilac refused, but Hunter persisted, suggesting he could help her get her revenge. Lilac denied wanting any revenge, but Hunter could easily read her emotions, which made her uncomfortable. Frustrated, Lilac tried to free herself from Hunter’s grip, but he refused to let go.

In a moment of fear, Lilac shifted into her beast form and clawed Hunter’s face, causing him to bleed. Stunned, Lilac shifted back, worried that her actions could be seen as a betrayal and lead to another war between the packs.

Hunter, however, seemed unfazed, commenting on Lilac’s feisty nature.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 9

Lilac was too shocked by what she had done to Hunter to even move away from there. She bit her lip, staring at how fast his wounds healed, but she would be in great trouble if he demanded a consequence for her actions earlier.

After all, there was so much blood on his shirt and on the ground for him to claim that he was being attacked by her. The thought dreaded Lilac so much, she felt like she was having a hard time to breathe.

However, the sight of Lilac hyperventilating made Hunter frown. He approached Lilac, who started to tear up. Lilac felt her knees became so weak, her mind was a wreck of emotions, since she couldn’t contain her grievances anymore. Hunter, confused by Lilac’s reaction, tried to calm her down by hugging her.

This embrace was different from the one she felt from Aiden, and Lilac couldn’t help but feel comforted and protected. As the night was still lively, they felt the world had become very quiet, and the only thing they could hear was their own heartbeat.

When Lilac tried to leave, Hunter stopped her, saying that if she couldn’t follow him, then she would have to come with him. He then took her out of the alley into the lively street, where people enjoyed the festivities. Hunter gave Lilac a choice: either go to the party or go to the council for the damage she had done to him, threatening her in the process.

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Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 10

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 10

Lilac was shocked to hear Hunter’s shameless behavior, questioning how he could be the alpha. Hearing this, Hunter threatened to cut her tongue if she continued to insult the alpha. Lilac, not wanting to face any consequences, kept her complaints to herself.

Hunter then took Lilac to the lycans’ mansion, much to her discomfort. Everyone was curious about their alpha’s unusual behavior of bringing a woman to the party. Hunter ordered a woman to get a new dress for Lilac, which she didn’t want, preferring to wear her own.

However, Hunter insisted on the dark blue dress, claiming it was better than Lilac’s “ugly” dress. Lilac felt offended by Hunter’s rude comments about her pack’s style, but she had no choice but to change into the dress in the bathroom.

The dress was too big for her, but she didn’t want to complain. When Lilac refused to go with Hunter, he threatened to start a war between the packs, forcing her to change into the dress. Once Lilac stepped out, Hunter praised her beauty and adjusted the dress to fit her better.

Lilac was surprised by his friendly behavior, wondering why he acted as if they had known each other before.

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