Mr Billionaires Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter Summary

Mr Billionaires Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987

Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 describes a gripping narrative centered around the protagonist, Sophia, who faces betrayal and heartache when she discovers her husband, Dante, in a compromising situation with his ex-fiancée, Phoebe.

Despite their recent marriage, Dante abruptly announces his desire for a divorce, leaving Sophia shattered and grappling with shock and despair. Sophia, determined to protect herself and her unborn child, navigates the challenges of her crumbling marriage with resilience and inner strength.

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Book TitleMr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel | Others
GenresBillionaire, sweetwanderer987
TagsBillionaire, BitterLove, Romance

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 PDF

Mr Billionaires Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 PDF

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 1

The chapter opens with the protagonist, Sophia, confronted with a devastating scene. She discovers her husband, Dante, embracing his ex-fiancée, Pheobe, in his office. Sophia had come to share the news of her pregnancy, but the revelation of Dante’s betrayal leaves her shattered.

Dante informs Sophia that he wants a divorce, as he has decided to forgive Pheobe and rekindle their relationship. Sophia pleads with Dante to reconsider, but he dismisses her request, stating that she had trapped him into marriage. Pheobe, with a smug expression, urges Sophia to leave.

Dante instructs Sophia to vacate their home by the next day and promises to have the divorce settlement amount deposited into her account. Sophia is devastated, realizing that the Dante she knew and loved is gone, and she is left with only the unborn child as her solace.

As she storms out, she is haunted by Pheobe’s malicious glare, leaving her feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 2

After being kicked out of her home by her soon-to-be ex-husband Dante, the protagonist returns to retrieve her belongings, only to be confronted by Pheobe, Dante’s new love interest. Pheobe cruelly mocks and humiliates the protagonist, throwing her possessions out onto the lawn.

When the protagonist tries to enter the house, Pheobe blocks her path, gloating about Dante’s love for her. The situation escalates when Pheobe discovers the protagonist’s pregnancy report, and in a fit of rage, pushes her down the front steps. The protagonist hits her head and starts bleeding, but Pheobe continues her assault, kicking the protagonist in the stomach.

Pleading for her unborn child’s safety, the protagonist is left helpless as Pheobe threatens her and warns her to never return. Overwhelmed by the pain and trauma, the protagonist loses consciousness, succumbing to the darkness.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 3

The chapter follows the protagonist, Sophia, as she regains consciousness in a hospital after a traumatic incident. She is relieved to learn that her unborn baby is safe, but is devastated to discover that her husband, Dante, has moved on with Pheobe, a woman she despises.

Sophia is determined to end her marriage and move on, for the sake of her child. She decides to send Dante a text message requesting the divorce papers, feeling a mixture of sadness and resolve as she presses the send button.

The chapter explores Sophia’s emotional turmoil and her realization that she needs to prioritize her own well-being and that of her unborn child, even if it means leaving her marriage behind.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 4

Dante glanced at his watch as Pheobe discussed stopping by a boutique to buy new dresses. Pheobe’s constant spending didn’t bother Dante, as he made more than enough to accommodate her. However, Dante felt a sense of disconnect since Pheobe’s return, and he couldn’t fully embrace the shift.

While Pheobe shopped, Dante received a text from Sophia, his estranged wife, asking him to send the divorce papers. Dante was surprised by Sophia’s sudden eagerness to sign the divorce, and he questioned her sudden change of heart, wondering if she had a secret lover.

Later, when Dante returned home, he found Sophia’s belongings had been completely removed from their shared bedroom. The realization that she had moved out left Dante feeling unexpectedly unsettled. He tried to call Sophia, but she didn’t answer. The following days and weeks were agonizing for Dante, as he struggled to understand his feelings towards his soon-to-be ex-wife.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 5

Four years have passed since the protagonist, Sophie, moved from New York to Canada. She has built a successful career, becoming the head of a department, and has a beautiful daughter, Hayley, who was born with Spina bifida. Sophie has moved on from the life she left behind in New York, including the man she left behind.

One morning, Sophie receives an unexpected email from a renowned law firm in New York, informing her that her late grandfather has left his entire estate and company in her name, now that she has turned 26. This news shakes Sophie, as it means she would have to return to New York, a place she had sworn never to go back to, as it would mean facing Dante Crawford, the man she left behind, and her stepsister.

Conflicted by the decision, Sophie rushes to find her close friend and colleague, Adam, seeking his advice. Adam, who is also not fond of New York, has been a constant support for Sophie since she started working at the company. The chapter ends with Sophie’s dilemma about whether to return to New York and confront her past.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 6

Sophia, the protagonist, has inherited her grandfather’s company and is now tasked with reviving it from the brink of bankruptcy. Reluctantly, she decides to return to New York, the place she had sworn to never set foot in again, accompanied by her close friend Adam and her daughter Hayley.

During the flight, Sophia expresses her apprehension about facing the people who had hurt her in the past, but Adam reassures her that she has grown stronger and can now use her position to her advantage. Arriving in New York, Sophia is struck by the familiar sights, but she is determined to focus on her task at hand.

The company’s PR team suggests that Sophia hold a shareholder meeting to introduce herself as the new owner and gain the trust of the influential shareholders. Sophia prepares for the meeting, knowing that she has a limited time to get up to speed on the company’s operations and the key players involved.

As Sophia navigates this new chapter in her life, she is faced with the challenge of balancing her professional responsibilities and her desire to protect her daughter from the past she had left behind.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 7

Dante and his girlfriend Pheobe attend a shareholder meeting for Deluxe Enterprises, where they are surprised to see Sophia, Dante’s ex-wife, arrive with Adam Huxley, a prominent CEO. It is revealed that Sophia has inherited the company, much to Pheobe’s and Dante’s shock.

Sophia’s appearance and confident demeanor are drastically different from Dante’s memories of her, leaving him unsettled and unable to look away. Dante grapples with his conflicting emotions towards Sophia, torn between his desire to confront her and his reluctance to do so.

Pheobe, sensing Dante’s unease, tries to pull him away from the situation, but Dante finds it difficult to move on, haunted by the sight of Sophia on the arm of another man.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 8

The evening event was a success, with a good turnout of elite shareholders. Sophia, the new owner, engaged with them, trying to regain the company’s standing. The presence of her ex, Dante Crawford, and his companion, Pheobe, did not go unnoticed.

Pheobe taunted Sophia, questioning her capabilities, but Sophia stood her ground, defending herself. Dante and Pheobe approached Sophia and Adam, leading to a tense confrontation. Pheobe’s bitter remarks angered Sophia, who retaliated with a sharp-tongued response, much to Pheobe’s surprise. Dante’s gaze remained fixed on Sophia, and he seemed displeased by Adam’s presence.

Later, Sophia stepped away to the restroom, seeking a moment of respite. However, Dante followed her and confronted her, demanding to know about her relationship with Adam. Sophia refused to answer, and their exchange escalated, leading to a passionate kiss between them.

Sophia regained her senses and slapped Dante before leaving the restroom, her emotions in turmoil.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 9

The chapter begins with the protagonist, Miss Miller, reflecting on the events of the previous night with her ex-husband, Dante. She is confused by his behavior, as he had previously wanted nothing to do with her, yet now he was acting like a “wounded lover.” Miss Miller is also concerned about the financial issues of the company she now owns, as Dante, a major investor, has discovered the problems and is demanding answers.

The chapter then follows Miss Miller as she tours her grandfather’s estate, which has undergone some renovations. She is introduced to her new personal assistant, Lucy, who informs her that Dante is waiting in her office. When Miss Miller confronts Dante, he accuses her of not disclosing the company’s financial troubles to the other investors.

He demands a guarantee that the issues will be resolved, putting Miss Miller in a difficult position.

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Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby by sweetwanderer987 Chapter 10

Dante, a wealthy and influential figure, confronts Sophia, the head of the company, regarding the company’s struggling finances. He threatens to expose the situation to other investors, which could lead to them pulling out their investments. Sophia remains composed, insisting that the issues are minor and can be easily fixed.

However, Dante proposes a high-stakes bet, offering to invest 1.7 billion dollars if Sophia can increase the company’s figures by 15%, but demanding to buy out the entire company if she fails. Adam, Sophia’s trusted advisor, strongly advises her against accepting the bet, but Dante taunts him, causing tension between the two men.

Sophia, determined to prove her capabilities, decides to raise the stakes, proposing that if she succeeds, Dante must invest 10 billion dollars into the company. Dante appears confident in his offer, further challenging Sophia’s abilities. The chapter ends with Sophia’s decision to accept Dante’s bet, despite Adam’s protests, as she seeks to assert her own competence and stand up to Dante’s doubts.

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