Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd Chapter Summary

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery Zedd web novel by Jeffery Zedd revolves around Zara Lee, a young smart girl who has been in love with her Italian neighbor since he moved to America. Despite the eight-year age gap between them, Zara believes their relationship cannot progress as her neighbor will never notice her.

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However, the age difference is not the only obstacle keeping them apart.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title Age Is Just a Number
Author Jeffery zedd
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Alphanovel | Goodnovel
Genres Romance, Jeffery zedd, Zara Lee and Jum
Tags Age Gap, Comedy, First Love, Forbidden, Genius, Good girl, Love at First Sight, Mafia, Second Chances, Suspense, Teen

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Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd PDF

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd PDF

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Chapter 1

The chapter follows the protagonist, Zara, as she encounters a new neighbor, William, after the previous “cat lady” neighbor moves out. Zara and her friend Nina witness the arrival of the new family and their moving truck. When Zara collides with William, she is instantly captivated by his charming appearance and personality.

William introduces himself, offers Zara a strawberry lollipop, and leaves, leaving Zara smitten. Zara declares to Nina that she has found her future husband, indicating the start of a budding romance between the two characters.

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Chapter 2

Zara, a 10-year-old girl, returns home to find her parents arguing, with broken picture frames scattered on the floor. Her father is distraught, and Zara cleans up the mess before leaving for school, lying to her father about getting a ride.

On her way, she encounters William, an 18-year-old boy who has been her close friend for the past two years. William offers Zara a ride, and she happily accepts. In a flashback, Zara, who was 9 years old at the time, had baked cupcakes for William, hoping to impress him.

However, when she overheard William’s friends teasing him about her, she was heartbroken and dumped the cupcakes in the trash. Her father comforted her, and she cried, feeling that the cupcakes were not good enough. In the present, Zara falls on the sidewalk and injures herself.

William rushes to her aid, carrying her to his car and insisting on taking her home to change, despite Zara’s reluctance to miss school. As they drive, Zara’s phone starts ringing, but she does not answer it.

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Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd Chapter 3

William, a teenager, is dating a girl who demands that he choose between her and a young neighbor, Zara, whom he has been helping. Despite his girlfriend’s protests, William chooses to prioritize Zara, breaking up with his girlfriend. It’s Zara’s tenth birthday, and William surprises her with a cake and a heartfelt celebration.

Zara is overjoyed and even gathers the courage to kiss William while he sleeps. However, upon returning home, Zara finds her mother packing to leave, and her father is nowhere to be seen. Zara’s mother tearfully says goodbye, leaving Zara devastated as she watches her mother depart with another man, never to see her again.

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Chapter 4

William, an 18-year-old basketball player, is seen with a new girlfriend, Carmen, who is quickly accepted by his friends. Meanwhile, Zara, a 10-year-old girl who has known William for nearly two years, is upset by this development and retreats to her home.

Later, William unexpectedly shows up at Zara’s window and asks her to wear his basketball jersey to his upcoming game, referring to her as his “Angel.” At the game, Zara is seated with William’s family, but is bothered by the comments made by Carmen and her friends about William.

During the game, William’s performance is off, and he misses several shots. Zara decides to go check on him, and the two have a heartfelt conversation, with William confiding in her about his “off day.” Zara stays by William’s side until he is ready to return to the game, suggesting a close bond between the two.

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Chapter 5

William, a talented basketball player, wins the game with his winning shot, much to the delight of his girlfriend Carmen and her friends. However, a young boy tries to give the protagonist, Zara, a chocolate bar as she appears sad, but William intervenes, causing the boy to run away in tears.

During the celebratory party at William’s house, Carmen confronts Zara, accusing her of interfering with their relationship and calling her a “brat.” William defends Zara, stating that she is his “number one girl.” Upset, Zara isolates herself in the bathroom, blaming herself for William’s breakup with Carmen.

William finds Zara and comforts her, assuring her that she is not a burden or a charity case. He declares that he will always be there to protect her as her “big brother.” The chapter ends with Zara finding solace in William’s embrace.

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Chapter 6

Zara, an 11-year-old girl, finds her father passed out on the couch, holding a bottle of alcohol. When she tries to wake him, he becomes aggressive and blames her for her mother’s departure. In a fit of rage, he slaps Zara across the face.

Zara runs out of the house and finds refuge in a park, where she encounters William, her 19-year-old friend, and his group of friends. William notices Zara’s red cheek and becomes concerned, questioning her about what happened. Zara hesitantly reveals that her father hit her, but she doesn’t want William to hurt her father.

William takes Zara to his home, where he makes her dinner and comforts her. He promises Zara that he won’t hurt her father, but asks her to tell him if her father hurts her again. Zara agrees, and they spend the evening watching a movie together, cuddled up on the couch.

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Chapter 7

In this chapter, William, Marvin, Drew, and Anthony are driving together when tensions arise between William and Drew. William is eager to see his young friend Zara, who has undergone some physical changes during his three-month absence. Zara greets William enthusiastically, and he is taken aback by her appearance and the changes to her body.

Later, at their usual hangout spot, William expresses his concerns about Zara’s development to Marvin, who nonchalantly explains that Zara has simply gone through puberty. The group is then joined by a young girl named Angelica, whom Anthony seems to have taken under his wing.

The chapter ends with a sense of unease, as the characters grapple with the changes in their lives and the presence of the young Angelica.

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