The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter Summary

The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek)

The Mating Run is a werewolf novel set in the Springcrest Pack, where an annual event known as The Mating Run unleashes primal desires and power dynamics. Alina, seeking to avoid the Elders’ judgment in selecting her mate, daringly signs up for The Mating Run. The story explores themes of desire, danger, and the formation of a bond between Alina and her mate amidst intense scenes of passion and submission.

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Book TitleThe Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek)
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Alphanovel
GenresAlpha, Alternative Universe, Dark, D$$$$$$t, Domination, Fated Love, From Enemies to Lovers, Pack, Possessive, Survival, Twisted
TagsWereWolf, Leeka, Alina and Zeek

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) PDF

The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) PDF

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 1

The chapter follows Alina as she participates in the Mating Run ritual of her pack. She engages in passionate s$x with a hunter in the forest, who takes her roughly against the ground. They form a bond as he bites her mating gland, marking her as his.

While mating, the event is transmitted for the entire pack to see. Alina experiences intense orgasms as they couple, and feels filled when his knot grows inside of her. After they finish, the hunter asks for her name, amused that as a contender she hadn’t learned his despite their tradition.

Spent, they catch their breath as their ritualistic mating is complete and their bond is formed, with Alina now carrying his pups.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 2

The chapter focuses on Alina and her friend Ettie as they go through the registration process for the upcoming Mating Run event in their pack. Alina has been trying to convince Ettie to register so she doesn’t have to rely on the elders to choose a mate for her.

Though Ettie is reluctant, saying she isn’t athletic enough. During their morning jog, Alina continues encouraging Ettie to register. After their run, Alina heads to the showers and then makes her way to City Hall to register. She undergoes a brief physical and psychological evaluation by one of the elder doctors who criticizes her height and appearance.

Alina is declared an acceptable candidate and given pamphlets on hiding spots and routes. After finishing her registration, Alina is surprised to see Ettie outside in the crowd watching participants. It seems Ettie may have changed her mind and registered for the Mating Run after all.

The chapter sets up the premise of the upcoming competition and traditions of their pack, while focusing on Alina and Ettie’s differing views on finding a mate.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 3

Ettie exits a clinic room while Alina grins, having registered for the upcoming Mating Run. Reporters swarm them outside City Hall, asking questions until Ettie pulls Alina away through alleyways. Alina wonders what the doctor told Ettie and notices Ettie’s small house coming into view.

Ettie waters her five plants while Alina observes. They both receive calls from Miles, Alina’s new PR representative, inviting them to a sponsor party. Miles believes Ettie will overshadow Alina and instructs them not to arrive together. At the party, Alina lies to Ettie about her dress fitting taking long.

Alina hurries home to prepare for the fitting. Miles transforms Alina’s appearance, dressing her in a white chiffon dress. Alina feels like a new person at the red carpet event until bumping into Victor Craft, the Alpha’s son. Victor pulls Alina close for photos, surprising her with his attention.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 4

Victor Craft, the Alpha’s son, is notorious in the pack for throwing wild parties where drugs and s$x are common. At the Sponsor’s Gala for the upcoming Mating Run, Victor takes an immediate interest in Alina and parades her around, introducing her to sponsors in hopes of gaining their support.

Alina finds herself enjoying the attention at first. Alina’s best friend Ettie arrives, having been convinced by her designer to wear the same white dress as Alina, making Alina feel insecure. Victor continues flirting with Alina and gets her to drink more.

Ettie watches worriedly. Later, Victor dances with Alina and questions whether Ettie is truly her friend or just trying to overshadow her. When the Alpha interrupts them, Victor embarrassingly embraces a struggling Alina tightly to avoid greeting his father. Victor then admits to Alina that he only signed up for the Mating Run to spite his father, not to find a mate, and has been using her for sponsors.

Feeling betrayed, Alina realizes Victor’s interest in her was never genuine. His tactics to avoid his father also show his disrespect.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 5

Victor and his father Alpha Craft argue at a party about Victor’s future. Alpha Craft wants Victor to take on more responsibility but Victor refuses to live how his father wants. Alina tries to intervene and introduces herself to Alpha Craft as a candidate in the upcoming Mating Run.

Nearby stands Zeke Duncke, Alpha Craft’s imposing nephew who is head of security and also a Mating Run candidate. Alpha Craft hints Zeke could become Alpha instead of Victor. When Victor tries to be friendly, Zeke reacts harshly and shoves Victor, warning he will kill Victor first during the run.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 6

Ettie, Alina and Victor arrived at the Mating Run registration area together. While Victor had to stop for interviews and photos along the way, Ettie continued sweating profusely in the damp weather. At registration, they signed paperwork and had trackers injected before receiving category assignments in envelopes.

Victor and Alina both got assigned as Hiders, but when Ettie opened her envelope, she reacted with shock and dismay, shaking her head in denial. Her letter revealed she had been assigned as a Hunter, a role that visibly discomforted her.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 7

Victor and Alina prepare for the Mating Run, an annual competition where one player is designated a hunter while the other is a hider. Alina is shocked to learn her best friend Ettie has been assigned as a hunter instead of a hider like them.

At the starting line, makeup artist Miles helps Alina look her best for the cameras before giving her supplies for hiding. Victor promises to help Alina by sharing any sponsorships he receives. As the numbers for each player’s suit light up, Alina sees she is number 9 while Victor is 63.

The announcement starts the Mating Run, leaving Alina and Victor to begin hiding on the grounds while Ettie sets out as a lone hunter.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 8

Victor and Alina have five hours to scout for hiding spots at the start of the week-long Mating Run competition. While others scramble in a panic, Victor is amused. He and Alina discuss hiding spot options as they have a competitive field including a celebrity-obsessed hunter.

Alina decides to hide in the trees, but knows it’s a popular choice. She considers caves may be taken as well. On their hike, she brings Victor to a mossy rock hole, but he refuses due to worms. She argues the reality of the forest environment.

Victor wants a dry cave instead of adjusting. Further spots are rejected by Victor for various reasons including work, allergies and cold weather. Running low on time, Alina finds a perfect hidden cave behind a waterfall with food, water and showers.

However, Victor again complains it will be cold and wet without dry clothes. Frustrated by his constant objections, Alina yells at him to offer a suggestion himself. Victor misreads her anger and flirts instead as the hunters’ horn sounds, starting the competition.

He abandons Alina by blowing a hunting whistle on their location and running away laughing.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 9

The Hider finds themselves enveloped in thick smoke in the forest as Hunters search for prey. Exhausted and lungs burning, they take a deep breath and the smoke’s aphrodisiac effects take hold, heightening their senses. Sounds of others’ pleasure and pain echo through the forest while the Hider succumbs to intense longing.

They pleasure themselves against a tree to find relief but it’s not enough. Frustrated cries and tears mix with sweat on their face. Sounds of others fuel their desire in this twisted situation. When they slip fingers inside again begging for more, a Hunter emerges from the haze, their gaze locking intensely.

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The Mating Run by Leeka (Alina and Zeek) Chapter 10

The hunter pins down the female protagonist in the forest, intent on claiming her during the Mating Run. She struggles against him, but he overpowers her. When she insults him, he presses a dagger to her cheek. As she yells at him to let go, he licks the blood from her wound.

Through fighting back and grabbing a rock, the protagonist is able to briefly overpower the hunter. However, he regains control and begins choking her. With a final surge of strength, the protagonist hits the hunter over the head with a rock repeatedly.

After he falls limp, she sees his face is an unrecognizable mess. The number 72 on his tracksuit is the only way to identify him. Breathless and distraught, the protagonist crawls away and turns to stare into the camera recording the encounter.

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