Where to Read Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back by Little Angelic Devil?

Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back

Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back by Little Angelic Devil revolves around Cherise, who falls in love with her husband at first sight, only to be mistreated by his family and betrayed when he brings home his pregnant mistress. Determined to reclaim her identity as the heiress of the influential Alster family, Cherise divorces her husband and rejects his pleas to remarry, seeking to make those who wronged her suffer.

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Book TitleSorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back
AuthorLittle Angelic Devil
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Tags revenge, kickass main character

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back PDF

Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back PDF

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 1

Hudson brought a woman named Emely to their home the night after his brother’s funeral, much to the distress of his wife Cherise. Emely provoked Cherise, causing her to accidentally spill hot porridge on Emely. Hudson immediately blamed Cherise and rushed Emely to the hospital, leaving Cherise feeling betrayed and confused.

At the hospital, Emely revealed that she was pregnant, which shocked both Cherise and Hudson. The chapter ends with Hudson confronting Cherise about the incident, leaving her to defend herself against his accusations.

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 2

Cherise was shocked when Hudson accused her of causing the miscarriage of the Amery family’s heir. Confused and distraught, she struggled to understand the situation. Hudson aggressively confronted her, revealing that he had been secretly impregnating her and was upset that the baby was gone.

Emely, the other woman, smugly watched Cherise’s distress. Realizing she had been used by the Amery family, Cherise decided to take a stand. She sent her husband a message demanding a divorce, determined to no longer endure the suffering inflicted by the Amery family.

Hudson, angered by her decision, received the divorce request with a chilling aura, while Emely tried to convince him to reconcile with Cherise.

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 3

Hudson held his phone with such force that it nearly cracked from the pressure. The temperature seemed to drop in the ward, making Emely shiver. Emely had never seen him this angry before, and it frightened her. Hudson firmly declared that Miles would stay in the hospital.

Emely, desperate to make Hudson stay with her, felt anger rise in her chest. She knew Hudson and Cherise had been intimate, and the thought of losing him was agonizing. Emely, growing bolder, talked back to Hudson, angering him. He pinned her down to the bed, causing her pain and discomfort.

However, his anger subsided when he saw her bandaged arm and leg, and he asked about her injuries. Cherise then presented Hudson with a divorce agreement, challenging him to give up the luxurious life she had provided. Seeing the blank compensation page, Hudson sneered, thinking Cherise was too full of herself.

As Hudson’s phone rang, Miles reported that he was waiting for him. Cherise, relieved to be free from this marriage, bid farewell to the mansion, her melancholy now replaced by a sense of sweetness as she slipped into the front passenger seat of the elegant black car.

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 4

Julian Alster comforted his younger sister Cherise, who had been through a difficult time in the Amery family. Cherise broke down in tears, revealing the injuries she had sustained. Julian tended to her wounds and reassured her, promising she would be as good as new soon.

Cherise had become close to Agatha, a woman who took pity on her and thought she was an orphan. Agatha suggested Cherise move to another country and take over the family business, which Cherise agreed to. However, Cherise’s husband brought back another woman and impregnated her, devastating Cherise.

Julian gave Cherise a contract of employment and a substantial amount of money, allowing her to manage a subsidiary jewelry company. Cherise had no choice but to sign the contract, and Julian couldn’t resist pulling his sister into a comforting embrace.

Emely, another character, had a terrifying dream and ended up in the hospital. Cherise’s actions had caused Emely’s divorce, and she wanted to speak and apologize to Cherise. Cherise’s behavior had changed, and she seemed cold and indifferent towards Julian. Emely’s husband, Hudson, went to confront Cherise, who had left a note about meeting at City Hall at 9 am.

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 5

Cherise, a woman going through a divorce, visited City Hall to finalize the process. Her brother Julian offered to accompany her, but Cherise insisted on going alone, feeling she was no longer a child. At the courthouse, Cherise caught herself daydreaming about her estranged husband, Hudson, and their intimate moments.

When Hudson appeared, he tried to stop the divorce, but Cherise ignored him and proceeded with the paperwork. As Cherise and Julian were leaving, Hudson was stunned to see Julian hand Cherise a bouquet of roses, indicating their close relationship. Enraged, Hudson accused Cherise of being a gold-digger, but Julian defended her, hinting that Cherise’s true identity as the heiress of the wealthy Alster family would soon be revealed.

Cherise and Julian then left, leaving a fuming Hudson behind. Back at the Amery mansion, Hudson’s grandmother, Agatha, berated him for divorcing Cherise, calling him a fool. Knowing what was to come, Hudson ordered his assistant Miles to go to the Amery mansion, suggesting impending consequences for his actions.

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 6

Cherise, the younger sister of Julian, is nervous about meeting her grandfather, the patriarch of the Amery family, one of the most powerful families in the country. Julian assures her that their grandfather won’t be harsh on her. However, when they meet, Cherise is hurt to see her grandfather ignoring her, and she tries to get his attention.

The family’s discussion then shifts to Cherise’s divorce from Hudson, the eldest Amery grandson. Surprisingly, everyone, except for Hudson, seems happy about the divorce. Cherise learns that her grandfather was displeased with how she was treated during her marriage. Julian even jokes about Cherise’s capability to take over Angelworld, the Amery’s company.

The conversation becomes tense when Agatha, the family’s matriarch, scolds Hudson for causing Cherise’s miscarriage, which led to their divorce. Agatha defends Cherise and questions Hudson’s actions, much to his discomfort. The chapter ends with Agatha expressing her suspicion about Emely, Hudson’s new wife, and her true intentions within the Amery family.

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Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 7

Emely’s sudden departure from his brother’s life has left Hudson puzzled. As a couple who seemed destined for marriage, Hudson never anticipated their breakup. Agatha, Hudson’s grandmother, senses his confusion and decides to shed light on the matter. She reveals that Emely is a gold-digger, unlike Cherise, whom Hudson had wrongly accused of the same.

Agatha urges Hudson to reconsider his decision to divorce Cherise, emphasizing that he will regret it. Unbeknownst to Hudson, Emely has been scheming to replace Cherise as Mrs. Amery, a prestigious position coveted by many unmarried women. Emely believes that with her past “heroic” actions, she can easily win over Hudson and become his wife.

Meanwhile, Agatha prays that Hudson will see Emely’s true colors and regret divorcing Cherise. Determined to uncover the truth, Hudson seeks information from his PA, Miles, about Cherise’s spending habits and the gifts he has given her. Miles’ revelations challenge Hudson’s perception of Cherise, leading him to question whether her love for him was genuine or driven by his wealth and status.

Troubled by these realizations, Hudson decides to confront Emely, hoping to get the answers he needs.

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