Where to Read Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband?

Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband

Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband by Mariya Mercedes revolves around a woman who discovers her husband and stepsister in a hotel, leading her to file for divorce and start a new life. However, a year later, she is forced to return to her old life due to a family emergency, only to find that her ex-husband claims they are still married, despite her having filed for divorce.

The story explores the secrets and complexities of their relationship as they navigate their unexpected reunion.

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Book TitleTrapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband
AuthorMariya Mercedes
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsRich, Divorce, Marriage

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband PDF

Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband PDF

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 1

Blaire, sipping her coffee, stared at the photographs of her husband, Sebastian, and her stepsister, Catherine, entangled together. Filled with bitterness, she contemplated the crumbling of her marriage, a political alliance meant to strengthen the ties between their companies. Catherine taunted Blaire, handing her an ultrasound result and divorce papers, daring her to confront the truth.

Blaire’s desperate hope that she had found a place in Sebastian’s heart was shattered as Catherine urged her to see the reality for herself. Summoning her courage, Blaire went to the hotel room, where she was met with the heartbreaking sight of Sebastian and Catherine in a passionate embrace.

Devastated, Blaire returned home, packed her belongings, and signed the divorce papers, leaving a message for Sebastian. With a heavy heart, she secured a ticket to an unknown destination, seeking an escape from the web of betrayal and heartache that had consumed her life.

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 2

Blaire, a former pastry chef, had opened her own successful bakeshop, transforming her life from a painful past to a joyful present. The bakeshop became a symbol of her growth, with Blaire and her team constantly working on new recipes and designs.

One day, a familiar voice caught Blaire’s attention, and she engaged in playful banter with the person, who had become a guide and friend to her. However, Blaire’s peaceful life was disrupted when she received a call from her father’s secretary, indicating something was wrong.

Blaire decided to return home, despite her past aversion to it. Her friend, worried about her sudden decision, offered to accompany her, but Blaire insisted he stay behind to manage the bakeshop. As Blaire was about to leave, her friend’s brother rushed in, and the friend felt compelled to go with him, leaving Blaire to make the journey alone.

Just as Blaire was about to depart, her phone rang again, and a familiar baritone voice on the other line sent a shiver down her spine, leaving Blaire in a state of shock.

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 3

Blaire stepped out of the airport, immediately overwhelmed by the bustling city sounds of her hometown. Though she longed to return to the peaceful island of Hawaii, her father’s health was her top priority. As she made her way to the car, she was shocked to find her ex-husband, Sebastian, waiting for her, his presence unsettling.

Sebastian’s sudden appearance and cryptic remarks about her father’s financial troubles deeply unnerved Blaire. Despite their divorce, there was an undeniable connection between them, one that had been a source of both passion and pain. Blaire struggled to maintain her composure as Sebastian’s cold and detached demeanor filled the car, his gaze piercing through her.

As they delved into the reason for her father’s involvement with Sebastian, Blaire found herself once again entangled in her ex-husband’s enigmatic web. The past had a way of resurfacing, and Blaire couldn’t help but feel a sense of both longing and apprehension towards the man who had once been the center of her world.

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 4

The chapter revolves around Blaire’s return to her father’s hospital room, accompanied by her husband Sebastian. They are greeted by Blaire’s stepsister, Stacy, whose animosity towards Blaire is palpable. Blaire’s focus remains on her ailing father, whose frail condition contrasts with his former strength.

Stacy’s bitter words, blaming Blaire for the family’s misfortunes, create tension in the room. Blaire’s father intervenes, defending Blaire and acknowledging Sebastian’s support during this difficult time. Stacy’s spiteful remarks suggest a strained relationship between the sisters, which Blaire has grown accustomed to.

The chapter delves into the complexities of Blaire’s familial relationships, with the unexpected presence of Sebastian as her “son-in-law” adding to the intrigue. Blaire’s bitterness towards Stacy’s actions surfaces, and the chapter ends with a sense of unresolved tension as Blaire and Sebastian leave the hospital room.

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 5

Blaire’s mind was in turmoil as she grappled with the complexities of her past and the uncertainty of her future. Confronting the truth felt like a distant mirage, with the pieces of the puzzle scattered and the weight of the past pressing upon her shoulders.

Sebastian swiftly pushed Blaire into his car, disregarding her plea to be taken back to her father’s house. Blaire vehemently disagreed, insisting on staying there, but Sebastian dismissed her request, claiming that her home was with him. The journey to Sebastian’s house was filled with tension, as the echoes of their shared history and the weight of their past relationship lingered in the air.

Blaire sensed a hidden meaning in Sebastian’s words, and his enigmatic smile sent shivers down her spine. Blaire made it clear that she had no plans to stay there permanently, but Sebastian’s response, “Challenge accepted,” suggested he had other plans. The tension between them was palpable, and Blaire couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when she saw her stepsister’s name on Sebastian’s phone screen.

As they approached the house, Blaire made each step deliberately, unwilling to surrender to the pull of their shared past and uncertain of what the future held.

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 6

Blaire heads upstairs to find her room, determined not to share it with her ex-husband Sebastian. Despite her attempts to forget their past, she still feels his effect on her. A maid addresses her as “Mrs. Foster,” which Blaire quickly corrects, insisting on being called “Miss Banks” or just “Blaire.” Blaire struggles to adjust to taking care of herself without relying on others, as she’s used to having people do everything for her.

Later, Blaire’s stepmother Elena and stepsister Stacy arrive at the house with a trail of luggage, claiming they are scared and need a place to stay. Sebastian explains that it’s due to their father’s debt, and Stacy suggests they stay with Blaire.

Blaire feels suffocated by their presence and suspects their motives, wondering if the attack was real or a ploy. Determined to leave as soon as possible, Blaire retreats from the situation, her desire to escape growing stronger.

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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chapter 7

Blaire is forced to stay at Sebastian’s house due to her father’s circumstances. She is not happy about this arrangement, especially having to deal with her stepmother and stepsister. When Candice comes to call Blaire for dinner, Blaire declines, wanting to be alone.

However, Sebastian enters her room, and they engage in a tense conversation about their past marriage. Sebastian insists that Blaire is still his wife, but Blaire reminds him that he was the one who broke their vows. During the dinner, Blaire tries to avoid interaction, but Sebastian forcefully makes her accompany him downstairs.

Blaire is uncomfortable with the situation, especially when she notices Stacy’s displeasure at seeing them together. Tensions rise as Blaire and Sebastian exchange barbs. Afterwards, Blaire retreats to her room, where she prepares for a bath. However, she is interrupted by Sebastian and Stacy, who are standing outside her door.

Stacy shamelessly expresses her desire to be with Sebastian, much to Blaire’s surprise, as she wonders about the nature of their relationship.

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