Where to Read Loved By The Twin Alphas?

Loved By The Twin Alphas

Loved By The Twin Alphas by Stephen revolves around Alexia, the rejected daughter of the Beta, who is bullied and treated as an outcast at school due to her inability to shift like her peers. Alexia feels like an abomination and wishes she had never been born, especially when compared to her popular and beautiful sister who is set to become the Luna.

However, a twist of fate occurs when the moon goddess chooses Alexia as the fated mate of the Alphas, leading to unexpected and intriguing developments.

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Book TitleLoved By The Twin Alphas
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresWereWolf Romance
Tags alpha

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Loved By The Twin Alphas PDF

Loved By The Twin Alphas PDF

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 1

Alexia dreaded going to the school cafeteria, as her sister Kayla, a d$$$$$$t wolf in their pack, would constantly bully and humiliate her in front of their peers. Kayla’s sharp wolf senses allowed her to easily locate Alexia’s hiding spots, and she took pleasure in making Alexia’s life miserable.

During one incident, Kayla poured soda all over Alexia, causing the girl to feel ashamed and helpless as the crowd laughed and cheered on Kayla’s cruelty. Alexia struggled to hold back her tears, knowing that showing her emotions would only fuel the bullies.

Retreating to the bathroom, Alexia confronted her reflection, disgusted by her own appearance. She had become an outcast in the pack, and Kayla’s constant bullying had left her feeling worthless and without purpose, as she was unable to shift into her wolf form like the other pack members.

Deeply saddened by her situation, Alexia resigned herself to the emptiness she had grown accustomed to, trapped in a life where she was nothing more than a punching bag for the pack.

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 2

Alexia, a student struggling with a difficult home life, finds herself the target of bullying from her sister Kayla and her friends. As Alexia walks home alone, she is shoved by the jocks and left stranded at school. Seeking a quieter route, she ventures into the nearby woods, only to be confronted by a massive, terrifying wolf.

Trapped and fearing for her life, Alexia prepares for the worst, but the wolf’s behavior takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly, a powerful figure appears, radiating an aura of danger and primal fear. Alexia is left wondering about the identity of this mysterious individual who has arrived to confront the wolf.

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 3

Alexia, fearing for her life, is surprised when the gold-eyed man, later revealed to be one of the twin Alphas, does not kill her. The Alphas, Miles and Micheal, realize that Alexia is Kayla’s older sister, a fact they were unaware of.

Alexia is relieved to be allowed to return home, but the Alphas are disappointed that Kayla kept her existence a secret from them. At Alexia’s house, a confrontation is taking place between Kayla and Jenna, with Ciara trying to intervene. The Alphas arrive, and Micheal questions Kayla about the situation, disapproving of the chaos under her watch.

Kayla accuses Jenna of provoking her, leading to a heated argument between the sisters. The Alphas are displeased by the ongoing conflict, and Micheal suggests that they should also inquire about Alexia’s presence.

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 4

Kayla, who often acts innocent in front of the alpha brothers Michael and Miles, was exposed as a fake and manipulative person by Jenna. Kayla tried to shift the blame onto Jenna, claiming she was the one lying, but the brothers began to doubt Kayla’s honesty.

Michael questioned Kayla about her sister Alexia, which Kayla had previously denied having, leading to Kayla admitting that she had lied about Alexia being an embarrassment to the family. Jenna confronted Kayla, calling her out on her lies and fake behavior, enraging Kayla.

The brothers realized that Kayla had been deceiving them all along, and they no longer trusted her. Kayla’s attempts to maintain her innocent image had failed, and the brothers were now skeptical of her claims.

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 5

Kayla’s lies about her sister Jenna have been exposed, leading to a confrontation with Michael and Miles. They accuse her of repeatedly deceiving them and refuse to forgive her. Kayla desperately pleads for another chance, but the alphas firmly reject her.

Jenna is pleased that her brothers have seen Kayla’s true manipulative nature. Miles expresses concern that Kayla may be a cunning liar like Kayla, while Jenna is determined to never see Kayla again. Kayla, devastated by the breakup, rushes home and confronts her sister Alexia, blaming her for the situation.

Kayla’s deception and manipulation have led to the loss of her mate bond with Michael and Miles, leaving her worried about her status and future.

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 6

Kayla unleashed a barrage of insults and accusations against Alexia, accusing her of trying to sabotage Kayla’s relationship with the alphas, Miles and Michael. Alexia tried to explain that she had only told them that she was Kayla’s sister, but Kayla refused to listen.

Kayla’s anger escalated, and she physically assaulted Alexia, pulling her hair and slapping her. Alexia pleaded with Kayla, but Kayla remained relentless, even wishing that Alexia had died instead. When their father arrived, he immediately sided with Kayla, without even trying to understand the situation.

Alexia was once again left feeling helpless and resigned to the constant mistreatment from her sister and father.

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Loved By The Twin Alphas Chapter 7

Alexia tried to explain to her father that she didn’t do anything to her sister Kayla, but he refused to believe her. Kayla accused Alexia of sabotaging her relationship with the alpha wolves, Miles and Michael, who had rejected Kayla as their mate.

Alexia insisted that she had simply met the wolves in the forest and they had mistaken her for a rogue. However, Kayla believed that Alexia had badmouthed her to the wolves, leading to their rejection. Alexia’s father was angry and questioned her actions, while Kayla blamed Alexia for ruining her future.

Alexia felt that her father would never believe her, and she retreated to her room, unwilling to see him again. Meanwhile, Axiel, a character who had become human, went to a bar where he was greeted by his friend Pedro. Axiel was reluctant to discuss what had happened with Jenna, and Pedro offered him a martini.

While Axiel was seated in the corner, Nadia, another character, approached him and asked why he was drinking alone.

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