Secret Scion Chapter Summary

Secret Scion

Secret Scion by Superficial revolves around a man who remained anonymous for two years to protect the woman he loves while posing as her family’s good-for-nothing son-in-law, as tensions rise between her family and his secret wealthy and influential one.

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Book TitleSecret Scion
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags faceslapping, bxg

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Secret Scion PDF

Secret Scion PDF

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Secret Scion Chapter 1

Livia questioned Asher about the men who had spoken to him earlier. When Noelle asked Asher to attend the family meeting, he reluctantly agreed. At the meeting, Carter blamed Noelle for the Leonards targeting the Stewards after she refused to marry into their family.

Asher spoke up for Noelle, saying the crash was not her fault. Carter furiously ordered Asher to be beaten and banned him from the property. Livia defended Asher, pointing out it was really Erick’s actions that caused the issues and not Noelle or Asher.

When the others accused Livia of siding with an outsider, she insisted Asher was family as Noelle’s husband and deserved equal treatment. Livia implied she knew Asher’s true identity and background, hoping he could help the Stewards in their current troubles, but did not reveal it without his consent.

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Secret Scion Chapter 2

Livia confronted Asher about keeping his true identity as Master Asher Crawford, the heir to the Crawford household in the capital city, a secret. Noelle became jealous upon seeing how close Livia and Asher seemed, especially with Livia calling Asher by his nickname.

At a family meeting, Carter demanded Asher resolve the issues with Radley Leonard within three days, or Noelle would be sent to convince Radley through any means. Erick further implied this meant using her body. That night, an angry Noelle questioned why Asher didn’t stop her, while he tried to calm her down.

The next morning, Livia arrived to have breakfast with Asher, further fueling Noelle’s jealousy as they flirted. When Asher invited Livia to join them for the meal he prepared, Noelle coldly told Livia to eat her share as well before leaving.

During their meal together, Livia confronted Asher about hiding that he was actually the missing heir to the Crawford household in the capital.

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Secret Scion Chapter 3

Livia confronted Asher about keeping his true identity as the heir to the Crawford household a secret. She realized he was actually Master Asher Crawford who had gone missing two years ago. Noelle grew jealous seeing Livia and Asher interacting, especially when Livia complimented Asher’s cooking.

When Livia arrived to see Asher, Noelle angrily told them to eat her share of breakfast as well and left. At the Steward household, Carter ordered Noelle to convince Radley Leonard, who was obsessed with her, to withdraw his family’s threat against the Stewards.

Erick hinted Carter wanted Noelle to use her body. Asher was unable to stop Noelle. During a family meeting, Livia surprisingly offered to take Asher’s punishment, confusing everyone. Noelle started seeing Livia as a threat when she noticed Livia’s fond looks towards Asher.

secret scion by superficial

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Secret Scion Chapter 4

Noelle was taken aback when Radley Leonard unexpectedly showed up at the Steward household with his bodyguards, demanding that Asher Craig be handed over. Carter Steward tried to appease Radley while Noelle escorted him to the living room. Radley brought up Noelle rejecting his proposal in the past.

Asher then arrived and was indifferent towards Noelle. Carter announced that Noelle and Asher’s marriage would be terminated and that Asher would no longer be welcomed at the Steward home. Noelle hesitated to agree at first but acquiesced under pressure from Carter and Radley’s threats against the Stewards.

Carter then told Radley he could take Asher, indicating the Stewards would not intervene in whatever Radley did to him.

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Secret Scion Chapter 5

Asher was devastated after Noelle divorced him, detailing how he dedicated himself to her for two years as her husband. When he left, the others mocked and humiliated him. Radley Leonard also wanted to deal with Asher for provoking him. Asher fled and got drunk in a bar.

Dove Yaeger and her friends saw Asher there. Her brother Castor then arrived, recognizing Asher from two years ago in the capital city where both had become friends. Asher was an outstanding figure there but had to leave due to trouble, though it was believed he died.

Castor was surprised to see him alive in Rollinsford.

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Secret Scion Chapter 6

Castor Yaeger encounters Asher Crawford, Noelle Steward’s husband who has been living in hiding for two years. Though Asher recognizes Castor, Castor assures him of his discretion regarding Asher’s identity and offers his help if needed. News reaches Noelle that her uncle’s son Dylan has been badly injured by unknown assailants who threaten her brother Erick will be next.

At the hospital, her grandfather Carter accuses Noelle and Asher for the incident and strikes her. Mason consoles Noelle and advises her to leave for her safety. Noelle refuses to abandon the Stewards during their difficult time. She decides to ask her old classmate Dove Yaeger for help in appealing to Radley Leonard, whose family is targeting the Stewards.

Dove remains confused about Asher’s identity and influence over her brother Castor based on his fearful reaction to Asher. She relays to Castor that Asher and Noelle’s marriage has been dissolved under family pressure, leaving the Stewards vulnerable to the Leonards’ retaliation.

Castor warns Dove not to provoke Asher, though he cannot explain why.

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Secret Scion Chapter 7

Dove was shocked to learn that Castor, who was regarded as trash, was actually quite unfathomable. Noelle came to see Dove seeking help for the Stewards, who were in danger from the Leonards. Castor guessed correctly that this was Noelle’s reason for visiting.

He told Dove to see Noelle while he called Asher. Asher said the situation did not involve him since he was no longer a Steward. Noelle explained to Dove that the Stewards wanted help dealing with the Leonards, who threatened to eradicate them.

Castor said they could not get involved due to a more powerful man, but would not say who. Noelle was puzzled over who this person could be. Later, Livia came to Noelle’s home to collect Asher’s things since he and Noelle were divorcing.

Noelle realized she knew little about Asher’s life in the two years they were married. Livia noticed Asher owned few clothes and things, and criticized Noelle for not taking better care of him. Noelle regretted not being a better wife. Livia admitted to Noelle that she admired Asher.

Noelle, upset by this, wanted Asher back. When she called Asher, he hung up. Asher only spoke to Livia, thanking her for keeping his things. Noelle cried alone in her room, filled with regret over her marriage to Asher.

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Secret Scion Chapter 8

Radley Leonard planned to take men to the Steward residence to punish them for Jackson Leonard’s death. Carter Steward was anxious about this, as the Leonards had already crippled Dylan Steward and suppressed the Stewards’ business, costing them millions. Erick Steward in particular was terrified, believing he was Radley’s true target.

Carter sent Erick away with Mr. Wilhelm to hide elsewhere. He told the other Stewards they may need to sacrifice themselves to ensure Erick’s safety, as he was the sole heir. However, the other Stewards murmured in dissatisfaction, believing Erick was Carter’s favorite and they were just pawns.

Meanwhile, Castor Jaeger informed his sister Dove he would go to the Steward residence, believing Asher Crawford may get involved since he cared for Noelle, and that this could result in Asher owing Castor a favor.

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Secret Scion Chapter 9

Noelle Steward observed the situation with sadness, knowing Carter’s words were meant for her. When Livia asked if Noelle would sacrifice herself for Erick, she remained silent, aware she may not have a choice. Livia said she would refuse and call Asher for help, though Noelle doubted his willingness to assist.

Mr. Wilhelm urgently told Carter that Radley intercepted Erick. Radley arrived with Frejya, Julian, and over twenty others, clearly intending to make an example of the Stewards. He immediately slapped Erick, shaking Carter. Laura rushed to her son but Michael stopped her outburst.

Radley demanded Erick’s life for his cousin Jackson’s death in the drag race, claiming the brakes were tampered with. Erick denied killing Jackson but had no proof. Carter questioned if Radley had evidence, while Radley gave an ultimatum to hand over Erick or face the police.

Noelle observed the tense situation grimly.

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Secret Scion Chapter 10

Carter and Radley were embroiled in a bitter dispute over Erick’s racing accident that caused huge losses for the Stewards. Radley demanded harsh terms including having all Steward women above 18 become servants to the Leonards for 5 years. When Radley proposed the same for Noelle and Livia, Livia called upon Asher for help, despite Carter forbidding contact.

Asher swiftly came to their aid. Radley was amused to see if the weak Asher could actually save them. A crowd had gathered including representatives of the great families like Freya Sullivan and Julian Hoffman. Upon arriving, Asher recognized the high stakes involved with the assembly of four households, realizing his identity may be exposed.

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