Shadow S$$$e Web Novel Chapter Summary

Shadow S$$$e Web Novel by Guiltythree follows Sunny, a poverty-stricken individual, who unexpectedly receives supernatural powers from the Nightmare Spell and becomes one of the Awakened. Transferred to a magical realm ravaged by destruction, he must fight for survival against monstrous creatures and fellow Awakened.

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However, his newfound shadow abilities come with a dangerous side effect that threatens his life. As Sunny navigates this treacherous world, he must unravel the mysteries of his powers while facing constant peril and discovering the true extent of his strength.

The story delves into the dark and thrilling journey of a young man plagued by the consequences of his extraordinary abilities.

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Book TitleShadow S$$$e
Where to ReadWebnovel | Amazon| Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresFantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance

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Shadow S$$$e PDF

Shadow S$$$e pdf

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 1

sunny from shadow s$$$e image

Sunny, a frail young man living on the outskirts, surrenders himself at a police station as a carrier of the deadly Nightmare Spell. Although initially met with suspicion, Sunny reveals his recent inability to stay awake, a symptom of the Spell. The officer’s concern intensifies as he realizes Sunny’s infection began only a week ago.

Alarmed, he triggers a Code Black, summoning armed officers and placing Sunny in a secure room. As Sunny prepares to undergo the Spell’s trial, the officer warns him that the creatures and people he encounters in his nightmares are illusions and advises him to survive. Overwhelmed by fatigue, Sunny succumbs to sleep, entering the terrifying world of the Nightmare Spell.

sunny in police station in shadow s$$$e chapter 1

The chapter introduces the nightmare-inducing Spell that emerged decades ago, plaguing the world with relentless fatigue and transforming sleepers into monstrous Nightmare Creatures. The Awakened, survivors of the Spell, acquire extraordinary abilities in the Dream Realm, offering a glimmer of hope amidst chaos. However, for Sunny, a nameless outcast, the Spell is a death sentence.

In the police station’s basement, the old policeman imparts crucial information to Sunny, highlighting the importance of his Aspect and Attributes within the trial. As exhaustion consumes him, Sunny falls into a deep slumber, embarking on the perilous journey that awaits within the Nightmare Spell.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 2

Sunny finds himself in a surreal dream-like world, where time flows in reverse. He observes a desolate mountain with an old road, tumultuous winds, and human bones scattered about. Suddenly, a s$$$e caravan emerges, moving backward down the mountain. Sunny realizes he is trapped in a dismal situation as a powerless and half-dead s$$$e, surrounded by other suffering individuals.

Expecting the Nightmare Spell to provide him with a powerful Aspect to balance the challenge, he is shocked and dismayed to discover that his Aspect is that of a “Temple S$$$e,” deemed useless and rare. As the journey grows more difficult, Sunny faces hostility from his fellow slaves and the realization that survival may not come easy.

Despite the harsh circumstances, Sunny’s situation takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious voice warns others against harming him due to the markings on his skin, indicating his status as a temple s$$$e. Eventually, they encounter a young soldier who shows slight compassion towards Sunny, but his attempt to offer water is interrupted by an older soldier who cruelly disciplines the younger one.

Sunny harbors resentment towards the older soldier and vows to watch him perish. With determination, Sunny sets his sights on survival while plotting revenge against those who mistreated him in this treacherous journey of the s$$$e caravan.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 3

Sunny, a s$$$e, reflects on his dire circumstances while enduring a grueling journey up a mountain. Despite the impending danger, Sunny remains strangely at peace, having come to terms with his mortality. He examines his unique attributes, discovering his primary attribute, [Fated], which attracts both good and bad outcomes.

Sunny also possesses the attribute [Mark of Divinity], allowing access to sacred places and enhancing sorcery, and [Child of Shadows], granting him the ability to see perfectly in darkness. The caravan stops to rest in a clearing, surrounded by freezing temperatures.

As the slaves struggle to keep warm, Sunny notices the berries growing nearby, learning they are poisonous and related to the blood spilled along s$$$e trade routes. Suspense rises as Sunny realizes that the site of the camp is where a previous vision showed the gruesome fate of the slaves.

Just as he anticipates impending disaster, a thundering noise erupts, signaling an imminent threat from above.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 4

A catastrophic event unfolds as slaves are attacked by a monstrous creature, resulting in chaos and devastation. Sunny, prepared for danger, manages to evade falling debris and remains unharmed, unlike many others who suffer injuries or lose their lives.

The veteran soldier urges the slaves to seek safety, but before they can respond, a colossal creature descends, striking fear into their hearts. Towering over them, this grotesque being with multiple limbs and milky-white eyes exudes a sense of impending doom.

As Sunny desperately tries to escape, he witnesses the horrifying transformation of a fellow s$$$e into a monster, questioning the boundaries set by the Nightmare Spell and pondering the unfathomable power of his own [Fated] attribute.

Determined to survive, Sunny takes charge, employing his survival instincts and rallying the assistance of two other slaves to immobilize the creature using chains. As the struggle intensifies, Sunny expends every ounce of strength to bring forth victory, finally overcoming the monster.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 5

image of sunny from shadow s$$$e web novel

Sunny, exhausted from slaying a dormant beast, the Mountain King’s Larva, realizes he is still bound by a chain. The tyrant, Mountain King, remains unseen due to the brightness of the bonfire while torn bodies and escaped slaves litter the area. More larvae rise, and Sunny prepares to defend himself until a young soldier steps in, effortlessly beheading one of the beasts.

The soldier gives Sunny a key before vanishing. Freed, Sunny decides to free his fellow slaves and contemplates revenge against Mountain King. Scholar explains that fleeing would lead to their deaths from the cold. As they consider their options, the third larva is killed, and the young soldier disappears. Scholar convinces Sunny and Shifty to stay by the bonfire for survival, despite Sunny’s determination to defeat Mountain King.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 6

Sunny confronts a terrifying Nightmare Creature, a fifth category tyrant, in a desperate bid for survival. Enlisting the help of a young hero, Sunny devises a plan to use gravity to defeat the Mountain King.

As Hero valiantly distracts the creature, Sunny unlocks a s$$$e’s shackles, repurposing the chain into a makeshift slipknot. He throws the chain, aiming to trap the tyrant’s foot, but unexpectedly ensnares its neck instead.

Moments later, the wagon, pushed by Sunny, Shifty, and Scholar, begins slowly rolling towards the cliff’s edge. With the tyrant struggling to break free, Sunny hopes the wagon reaches the edge before the creature can escape its iron noose.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 7

Sunny and two other slaves desperately push a wagon while a tyrant creature threatens them. As the wagon nears the edge of a cliff, Sunny exerts all his strength and manages to topple it over, defeating the creature. However, Sunny’s victory is short-lived as he realizes he has not yet passed the trial and is left injured and exhausted.

Hero, a fellow s$$$e, aids Sunny and suggests they discuss their next steps. Despite initial resistance, the group decides to descend the mountain for survival, relying on supplies previously stored on the wagon. Sunny, regarded as different by others due to his eccentricities, shares his belief that the monster is still alive, prompting curiosity from Hero.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 8

Sunny’s revelation that the monster they encountered is still alive sends a shock through the group. They quickly realize that returning to their previous location would mean walking into the creature’s path. With time being of the essence, the group splits up to gather supplies, knowing that the monster could return at any moment.

As Sunny searches for flagons near a dying soldier, he contemplates the irony of his first human kill. Strangely, he feels no guilt or fear, perhaps due to his cruel upbringing. The chapter ends with the group preparing to leave and the uncertainty of their future hanging in the air.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 9

The group faces a daunting obstacle when they discover that the road they planned to take is destroyed by a rockfall. Shifty, one of the members, suggests leaving Sunny behind, claiming he is cursed. However, Scholar disagrees, believing Sunny might prove useful later. Hero, the group’s leader, decides they won’t abandon anyone.

Scholar suggests an alternative path up the mountain, which used to be used by pilgrims. The group reluctantly agrees, preparing themselves for the treacherous climb. Sunny, already the weakest member, leaves behind his new sword to lighten his load.

Despite the physical strain, Sunny focuses on the potential rewards of completing the trial, including the ability to perceive and interact with Soul Cores, gaining access to the Dream Realm, and acquiring an Aspect Ability. He hopes for a powerful Aspect Ability and dreams of receiving a True Name. As they continue their climb, the looming night brings a sense of urgency.

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Shadow S$$$e Chapter 10

Sunny and Shifty reach their limits after an arduous climb up the mountain. Shifty is particularly unwell, collapsing and showing signs of fever and exhaustion. Ignoring Hero’s advice to conserve water, Shifty drinks greedily, worsening his condition.

Scholar also suffers, while Sunny surprisingly endures the best. They find a hidden camp spot, roasting meat in silence. As the night falls, Hero takes the first watch, and Sunny falls into an ordinary dream-filled sleep. Later, Hero wakes Sunny abruptly and shares his discovery that the tyrant monster is blind.

Determined to escape its attention, they set off at dawn. Shifty’s health deteriorates, and they witness his tragic fall to his death.

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