Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter Summary

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband by Su Su Su Ru Yi revolves around a young woman named Xiao Xiao who marries a mysterious man named Mr. Fu after meeting him briefly. She believes he is just a driver but soon discovers he is actually the wealthy and powerful CEO of a large conglomerate. Xiao Xiao struggles to adjust to her new life and high society while also caring for the twin babies she gave birth to. Though confused by her husband’s secretive nature, she works hard to support their growing family through her career in entertainment.

As Xiao Xiao rises to fame, she crosses paths with the powerful businessman Mr. Shen from a rival company. Through their interactions, she starts to piece together clues about her husband’s true identity and background. When danger arises from Mr. Shen, the secrets from Mr. Fu’s past are finally revealed. Xiao Xiao comes to understand her husband on a deeper level and appreciates all he has done to protect her and their family behind the scenes. Their bond strengthens through facing challenges together with honesty and trust.

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Book TitleHidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband
AuthorSu Su Su Ru Yi
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Tags urban, romance, billionaire, marriage, drama, family, entertainment, business, love, hidden, mystery

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband PDF

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 1

Su Bei was getting ready for her wedding day in the Su Mansion, where everyone was celebrating. She felt tired from drinking too much at her bridal shower the night before. After her makeup artists left to let her rest, her half-sister Su Huixian entered the room with a sinister smile.

Su Huixian had put something in Su Bei’s bird’s nest soup and planned to have some bodyguards rape Su Bei to ruin her wedding night. However, Su Bei was awake and confronted Su Huixian, grabbing her wrist and blocking her escape. She accused Su Huixian of finally taking off her pretend good daughter mask in the family. Su Huixian turned pale, unable to meet Su Bei’s eyes and denying what Su Bei meant.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2

Su Bei accused Su Huixian of drugging her and arranging for bodyguards to rape her. She forcibly tried to make Su Huixian drink bird’s nest soup, claiming it contained drugs. Du Luo entered and intervened, pulling Su Bei away from Su Huixian. He questioned Su Bei about her actions, expressing doubt over her accusations against Su Huixian.

Su Bei was displeased with Du Luo siding with and showing pity for Su Huixian. More arguing ensued between Su Bei and Su Huixian, with Su Huixian denying the accusations through tears. Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin arrived, with Xu Zhiqin comforting a crying Su Huixian and expressing her belief in Su Huixian’s innocence. However, with the differing accounts, they were unable to reconcile the situation.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 3

Su Xingfu called the family doctor to examine the bird’s nest soup that Su Bei claimed was drugged by Su Huixian. The doctor found nothing strange in the soup. Su Bei’s phone call log also showed the last call was made to the telecommunications company, not to hire bodyguards as Su Huixian had pretended.

Everyone started to doubt Su Bei and sympathize with the pitiful Su Huixian. Su Bei realized Su Huixian had orchestrated the whole situation to make her appear untrustworthy. When Su Bei tried to explain this to her father, he slapped her in front of everyone. Though shocked, the atmosphere turned awkward as Su Huixian smiled triumphantly at Su Bei.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 4

Su Bei was shocked when no one believed her claims of innocence against Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian’s scheming. Her father Su Xingfu and fiancé Du Luo sided with Su Huixian instead. Feeling betrayed and disappointed, Su Bei tore up her wedding dress in anger. When Su Huixian pretended to faint, Du Luo and Su Xingfu fussed over her, furthering Su Bei’s hurt. Su Bei decided to leave home with her luggage, ignoring her father’s command to stay.

On her way out, Su Bei saw Du Luo and her father caring for the fainted Su Huixian, confirming her low status in their eyes. She promptly drove herself to the Civil Affairs Bureau with all her belongings, determined to separate herself from the Su family after being disowned and disappointed by her closest relations.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 5

Su Bei had worried the Civil Affairs Bureau would be crowded on May 20th, a date representing love. She had sent her documents early to register her marriage to Du Luo. However, on her way to retrieve her ID card, she began feeling unwell as Su Huixian’s drug took effect.

At the bureau, Su Bei secured her ID card but decided to lose her virginity to a man she liked since Su Huixian intended for the drug to have its way. She approached Lu Heting after overhearing that his bride did not arrive. Though he questioned her bold request, she claimed they had met through his employer Lu Weijian. Her plan was set in motion unaware of Lu Heting’s true identity.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 6

Lu Heting, the handsome CEO of Lu Corporation, was mistaken for a driver by Su Bei when she asked him for help at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Though confused by her request, Lu Heting agreed and even obtained a marriage license with Su Bei. He sensed she had been drugged and cared for her as she slept in his car for two hours. However, a road accident blocked their path, leaving them stranded on the overpass. When Su Bei awoke confused and in pain, Lu Heting was outside taking a phone call, as they remained stuck unable to reach their destination.

Still carrying the marriage licenses, Lu Heting seemed intrigued by the night’s events and the young woman now in his protection. Though his desires were unsatisfied, he did not force himself on the sleeping Su Bei. As their vehicle remained trapped due to the road blockage, Lu Heting conversed on the phone outside while the disoriented Su Bei slowly regained awareness of her predicament in the back seat.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 7

Su Bei awoke in a car with marriage certificates bearing her name and Lu Heting’s name, realizing they had gotten married after a night together. Shocked, as she had only meant it to be a one-time thing, she fled the country and had divorce papers drafted.

A few months later, Su Bei discovered she was pregnant with twins. Though initially considering abortion, doctors informed her she could no longer have the operation due to how far along she was in the pregnancy. Despite her reservations about being a mother due to her inability to maintain relationships, she had no choice but to carry the babies to term.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 8

Su Bei had just returned to Jingdu city with her four-year-old son Da Bao after being away for five years. They were greeted at the airport by Su Bei’s old friend Lin Moli. Lin Moli was astonished by how handsome Da Bao had become. She felt sorry for Su Bei, knowing that Su Bei was originally supposed to have twins but the other baby did not survive.

At the restaurant, Su Bei told Lin Moli that she had been misdiagnosed with advanced gastric cancer and only had one year left to live. She wanted to find Da Bao’s father Lu Heting and ensure he could properly care for Da Bao after she passed away. Su Bei tasked Lin Moli with watching over Da Bao for the next few days while she searched for information on Lu Heting’s current situation and whether he would be willing to take responsibility for their son.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 9

Su Bei had recently bought a house to secure her son Da Bao’s future, knowing that Lu Heting would not be prepared to take responsibility as a father. After saying goodbye to Da Bao, she took a taxi straight to the Lu Group to find Lu Heting. However, at the reception desk she was told she needed an appointment just to meet the driver, which would take fifteen days. Unwilling to wait that long, Su Bei hoped another opportunity would arise to contact Lu Heting.

As Su Bei prepared to leave, a car pulled up to the entrance. The window was rolled down, revealing the familiar face of Lu Heting who she had come to see. Though she was able to meet people from the powerful Lu Group five years ago, she now struggled just to see one of their drivers, showing how things had changed at the company over that time.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 10

Su Bei recognized her husband Lu Heting passing by in his car. She called out to him, but he glanced at her coldly and sped away without stopping. Su Bei chased after the car shouting for Lu Heting to stop, but he drove too fast and left her behind in the dust. Though she was sure he saw her, he completely ignored her.

Lu Heting hesitated after hearing Su Bei’s voice, questioning if it was just an auditory hallucination from missing her. But seeing her reflection in his rearview mirror, he realized it was truly her. He slammed on the brakes and ran back to where he saw her. However, when he arrived she had disappeared without a trace, just as she had five years ago when they divorced. Lu Heting wondered why she had returned after all this time.

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