She Is A CEO Chapter Summary

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She Is A CEO by Jorgie Chapman revolves around a woman who was framed for murder by her ex-boyfriend and loses her family’s company. Five years later, she returns with a child and becomes the CEO of an Asian company, encountering her ex and seeking revenge along with rebuilding her life and career.

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Book TitleShe Is A CEO
AuthorJorgie Chapman
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | hinovel | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags True Love, D$$$$$$t, CEO

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She Is A CEO Chapter 1

Juliana was discharged from the hospital with Arthur after giving birth to a baby girl. They were surrounded by reporters asking questions about the child, with one boldly bringing up Lucia. Arthur ignored them and left with Juliana. Lucia met with Spencer at his request.

He tried convincing her to be with him instead of pursuing revenge, saying he could help her get back her company and get revenge on Jacob and Poppy. Lucia refused, saying she didn’t want to calculate people. That evening, Juliana spoke to Kane on the phone in the garden.

Sophie overheard and questioned Juliana about her relationship with Arthur. She noticed the distance between them and hinted she would interfere regarding the baby, mentioning Juliana’s child was born prematurely like Sophie’s son Douglas. Juliana became uneasy, realizing Sophie was difficult to deal with.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 2

Lucia caught her ex-boyfriend Jacob cheating on her with Poppy. Filled with anger and hatred, she confronted them but Jacob forcefully dragged her out of the house, leaving her penniless. Her aunt Esmae took her in during this difficult time. Years later, after graduating from MIT, Lucia returned to the country with her young son Theodore.

At the airport, Theodore wandered off while Lucia was distracted with their luggage. Lucia panicked but managed to find Theodore talking to a stranger. She scolded him for not listening to her warnings about strangers before they were greeted by their driver holding a sign with Lucia’s alias name, “Miss Lucy.”

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She Is A CEO Chapter 3

Lucia arrived in Athegate with her son Theodore after being hired as an executive officer at Jibillion Inc. Her new assistant Nia Davidson picked them up from the airport. Nia was surprised to learn that Lucia’s son Theodore was with her, as she had assumed the young executive would not have a child.

Theodore charmed Nia with his cuteness and intelligence. As Nia gave Lucia a tour of the city, Lucia became distracted looking at an advertisement for JTP Group, the company that had undergone a major transformation in the past five years. Lucia seemed affected by memories related to JTP Group.

She remained quiet as Nia drove them to Lucia’s new home. Theodore excitedly took in the sights of Athegate and asked Lucia questions about having grandparents in the city, reminding her of family she left behind. That evening, Nia informed Lucia of the welcome party being held in her honor at Jibillion Inc.

Lucia decided to attend with Theodore, not wanting to leave the child home alone on her first night back. At the party, Nia briefed Lucia on the important attendees so she could comfortably socialize. Lucia immersed herself in the elegant surroundings of beautiful music, food and drinks.

She was prepared to take on her new role as executive officer.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 4

Lucia made her debut as the new executive officer of Jibillion Inc’s European region at a welcome dinner for employees. She brought her son Teddy and left him in the care of her friend Nia before beginning her planned introductory speech.

However, Poppy, the vice president of rival company JTP Group, unexpectedly arrived and interrupted. Poppy loudly greeted Lucia, whose real name was revealed to be Lucia Webb, the disgraced daughter of the former Webbex Group president who was divorced five years ago due to an affair.

Poppy was clearly antagonistic towards Lucia, mocking her position and insinuating she only obtained it through sleeping with others. Lucia remained composed, asking Nia to display her resume on the screen. The extensive experience and qualifications listed silenced onlookers and caused Poppy to laugh in disbelief that Lucia could be so successful after her past troubles.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 5

Lucia had just started her new job as an executive at Jibillion Inc. At a conference, she showed off her impressive resume from MIT which included prestigious prizes and publications. However, her rival Poppy Powell tried to belittle her achievements and question her competence for the role.

Lucia stood up to Poppy confidently and had her escorted out when she caused a scene. Despite facing criticism, Lucia’s qualifications were defended by others at the conference. Though angered by Lucia’s rise, Poppy remained determined to undermine her. At Jibillion Inc on her first day, Lucia immersed herself in work while entrusting her dog Theodore to an employee for a walk.

She saw potential in the company and looked forward to contributing her skills and vision.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 6

Nia took Theodore to get breakfast at a KFC after leaving Lucia’s office. At the restaurant, Theodore casually asked Nia if Lucia’s ex-husband Jacob had any grudges against his mother. Nia was stunned by Theodore’s perceptiveness at such a young age.

While they ate, Theodore used his phone to research the affair between Lucia and Jacob from five years ago. He realized Jacob was Lucia’s ex-husband but was confused why they split. After wiping his face, Theodore remarked to Nia that he knew details a child shouldn’t.

As they walked outside, Theodore suddenly ran into the street, staring at a passing Rolls-Royce. The driver, Zac, was worried for Theodore’s safety. When the car’s window rolled down, the passenger, Arthur Davies, the man Nia aspired to marry, threw cash out the window before driving away.

Theodore correctly identified Arthur and his license plate, impressing Nia with his observational skills.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 7

Theodore quickly picked up money that was thrown at him and Nia by Arthur, asking Nia not to tell his mother. That evening, Nia brought Theodore home after a long day and thanked Lucia for taking care of him. Lucia apologized for being too busy to collect Theodore earlier.

The next morning, Theodore contacted his friend Alice, a 12-year-old hacker, through an iPad. He had previously asked her to dig up information on a man and now told her he wanted the man to pretend to be his mother Lucia’s boyfriend.

Alice was surprised by Theodore’s request.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 8

Theodore pretends to casually message his friend Alice about not deserving his mother’s care. He goes to his guardian Lucia’s company while she is busy with a case. Seeing an opportunity, Theodore leaves to find Arthur Davies, the chairman of a finance firm, at his home based on a location sent to Theodore’s iPad.

Theodore struggles to get a cab and tells the driver Arthur’s address. The driver is puzzled but complies. At Arthur’s mansion, Theodore rings the doorbell but has trouble reaching it. As the security guard catches up to him, Arthur opens the door and sees Theodore leaning against his leg.

Arthur recognizes Theodore may be like himself as a child. However, upon realizing Theodore’s connection to the woman from before, Arthur eyes Theodore with coldness while Theodore feels a shudder but does not back down. When the guard approaches, Theodore runs past Arthur into the villa to escape.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 9

Theodore, a young boy, arrives at Arthur’s home uninvited. He observes Arthur’s tasteful home decor and compliments Arthur on his style. Theodore confidently acts like the host and asks Arthur questions. He reveals he wants Arthur to pretend to be his mother’s boyfriend.

Arthur’s mother, Sophie, then unexpectedly arrives at Arthur’s home. She is surprised to see Theodore there. Sophie mistakes Theodore for Arthur’s son, as they look very similar to how Arthur looked as a child. Sophie shows Arthur an old family photo revealing the resemblance.

Both Arthur and Sophie are confused by the situation. Sophie asks Theodore his name and who his mother is. Before Theodore can answer, his phone rings, pausing their conversation.

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She Is A CEO Chapter 10

Theodore had called his mother Lucia while at Arthur and Sophie’s home, lying that he was staying with an uncle. When Lucia came to pick him up, Arthur silently drove Theodore away in his Rolls-Royce. Lucia was grateful to the uncle for looking after her son.

At home, Sophie questioned why Arthur didn’t greet Lucia since he had been in Athegate five years ago for research, implying he could be Theodore’s father. Arthur frowned, as he recalled staying there half a month but didn’t confirm or deny the possibility.

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