Fated To My Sister’s Chosen Chapter Summary

Fated To My Sister's Chosen

Fated To My Sister’s Chosen by cphakathi28 revolves around a young woman who was forced by her family to conceal her identity as the true mate of her alpha, Alexander, so that her twin sister could become his Luna instead. She endured the pain of the severed mate bond for years before finally running away, only to be forced to confront Alexander again years later, with the truth about to surface.

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Book TitleFated To My Sister’s Chosen
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags drama, pack, blue collar, fated

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Chapter 1

Emilia was born into a loving beta family, with her twin sister Elizabeth and three brothers. She had a close friendship with the future Alpha, Alex, who was secretly her crush. However, on her 18th birthday, Emilia’s life changed drastically. She lost her wolf, her sister, her family, and her best friend.

Emilia discovered that Alex was her mate, but her parents hid her scent and forced her sister to become Alex’s chosen mate, fearing that Emilia’s relationship with Alex would further devastate her sister, who had lost her own mate. For two years, Emilia suffered in silence, watching her sister and Alex together, while her own mate bond caused her immense pain.

Emilia became invisible to her family, who were focused on supporting her sister. Eventually, Emilia lost her wolf completely and decided to leave. As she was about to go to bed, a knock on the door revealed an unexpected visitor from her past – her friend, Joy.

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Chapter 2

The chapter follows Emilia, who is surprised by the sudden visit of her best friend, Joy. Joy reveals that the Alpha has ordered her to bring Emilia back to the pack, much to Emilia’s dismay. Emilia had left the pack years ago due to some unspecified reason, and she is reluctant to return, fearing the heartbreak of seeing her mate, Alex, with another woman.

Joy tries to convince Emilia to come back, warning her that the pack guards will forcefully bring her back if she refuses. Emilia is conflicted, as she has built a life away from the pack, but she knows she cannot disobey the Alpha’s command.

As Emilia prepares for work, Joy suggests that the Alpha might doubt Emilia’s reasons for leaving if he sees her living situation. Emilia breaks down, remembering the pain of leaving her mate and the guilt she feels for betraying him. Joy tries to comfort her, revealing that the Luna, Emilia’s sister, has not been well since Emilia’s departure.

This news shocks Emilia, and she finds herself torn between her desire to stay away and the need to help her family and pack.

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Chapter 3

The chapter follows Emilia, a werewolf who has returned to her pack after years of self-imposed exile. She is struggling with conflicting emotions towards her twin sister, who unknowingly took Emilia’s mate, Alpha Alex. Emilia is overwhelmed by the memories of her past life in the pack and the pain she has endured.

When Emilia arrives at the pack, she is confronted by her mother’s harsh criticism and her brothers, who have grown up and found their own mates. Emilia requests to meet the Alpha, Alex, and is shocked by his cold and sarcastic demeanor towards her.

Alex makes it clear that he is her Alpha, and Emilia must respect him, despite their past history. Emilia is devastated by Alex’s indifference and his revelation that his mate, Emilia’s sister, is suffering from an unknown ailment. Emilia reflects on her past choices, including abandoning the pack and driving Alex towards her sister, knowing he was her mate.

She is plagued by guilt and the fear of what will happen when Alex discovers the truth about her actions. Overwhelmed by the emotions and the tension between her and Alex, Emilia flees the pack, running into the forest and questioning why Alex hates her so much, despite her still loving him.

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Chapter 4

The chapter follows Emilia, who is struggling with the pain of being separated from her mate, Emil. She is comforted by her best friend, Joy, but becomes distressed when she encounters her family, particularly her twin sister, Beth, who is the current Luna of the pack.

Emilia feels resentment towards her family, who had abandoned her when she needed them the most. As she navigates the Packhouse, Emilia is confronted by her parents, who plead for her forgiveness, but she refuses, still deeply hurt by their past actions.

The chapter highlights the emotional turmoil Emilia is experiencing, as she grapples with the consequences of her past decisions and the strained relationships within her family.

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