The Revenge of My Alluring Wife by Raven Chapter Summary

The Revenge of My Alluring Wife by Raven

The Revenge of My Alluring Wife by Raven by Raven revolves around Evelyn’s tragic decision to end her life, recalling her tumultuous marriage with Henry and the regrets she harbors.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title The Revenge of My Alluring Wife by Raven
Author Raven
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | FestEarn
Genres Raven, Evelyn and Henry Story
Tags Attractive, Billionaire, Boss/CEO, Counterattack, Marriage, Possessive, rebirth, Revenge, Romance, Sweet

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The Revenge of My Alluring Wife by Raven PDF

The Revenge of My Alluring Wife by Raven PDF

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Chapter 1

Evelyn Taylor, bound to the railing, hung precariously outside a skyscraper, her body disfigured by injuries. Mia Taylor, the mastermind, mocked Evelyn, boasting about her luxurious lifestyle funded by Evelyn’s money. Evelyn’s former lover, William Martinez, stood coldly by, refusing to help her.

Mia urged William to speak, and he callously denounced Evelyn, saying he only used her to acquire the “cripple’s” property, referring to Evelyn’s husband, Henry. Devastated, Evelyn cursed Mia and William, vowing to haunt them even as a ghost. Unexpectedly, Henry arrived and desperately tried to save Evelyn, but William viciously attacked him.

Realizing the sacrifices Henry had made for her, Evelyn made the painful decision to push him away, and her body plummeted from the skyscraper, leaving Henry’s heart-wrenching screams echoing in the air. As Evelyn’s world filled with pain, she questioned the unfairness of her fate, regretting not being able to retaliate against Mia and William.

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Chapter 2

Pain seared through Evelyn’s body, especially the wound on her wrist. Unexpectedly, even as a ghost, she could feel such excruciating pain. To her surprise, she found herself face to face with Henry, the man she had fallen from the top floor for.

Evelyn’s heart trembled, a mix of emotions overwhelming her. Henry, with his slender jawline, pale skin, and eyes that burned with raging flames, pressed Evelyn onto the bed, questioning her desire to run away. Evelyn realized that the cut on her wrist was from a suicide attempt, but she was now somehow reborn.

Henry’s possessive and violent nature surfaced as he forcefully bound her hands and stripped her clothes, claiming her as his own. Shattered, Evelyn endured the pain a thousand times stronger than her wrist, yet did not stop Henry, allowing him to act freely.

Tears welled up in her eyes, but she felt a sense of happiness at being reborn, determined to not let the scoundrel and the despicable woman off this time.

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Chapter 3

About five months ago, Evelyn encountered Henry, a ruthless and ominous man, at the hospital. Despite her fear and resentment, Evelyn was forced into a marriage with Henry due to her family’s greed. Their interactions were marked by constant arguments and quarrels, influenced by Evelyn’s friends Mia and William.

In her previous life, Evelyn’s desperate attempts to resist the marriage, including a hunger strike and self-harm, only led to her own injury and a month-long hospital stay. This time, Evelyn has learned her lesson and is determined to avoid making the same mistakes.

However, when Evelyn’s self-harm resurfaces, Henry becomes furious and forces her to confront her reflection, seeing the toll her actions have taken on her. Evelyn feels guilty and regretful for hurting the man who loves her so deeply. As Henry tends to her wound, their interaction is tinged with a mix of resentment and unspoken affection.

When Evelyn tries to stop Henry from leaving, the tension between them escalates, hinting at the underlying complexities of their relationship.

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Chapter 4

When Henry looked back, Evelyn knew she had caused trouble. She silently withdrew her feet, only to be stopped by Henry’s warm hand. After being forced in the previous life, Evelyn couldn’t not know what his hoarse and suppressed voice meant.

Evelyn shifted and used her strength to loop her legs around his waist, grabbing his tie and telling him not to leave. Henry’s expression softened, and he passionately pressed his lips against hers in a fervent kiss, carrying her back to the bed.

However, at the crucial moment, Evelyn spoke up, saying she was exhausted. Evelyn understood that Henry was still the same as before, unable to resist her requests. She decided to become a seductress, a temptress crafted specifically to allure Henry, in this lifetime.

Evelyn was awakened by her phone’s ringing, and it was her scheming younger sister, Mia, who had orchestrated her entire life. Evelyn remembered that Mia had given her a knife, claiming it would only leave a fake wound when used for self-harm.

Feeling the pain in her wrist, Evelyn retrieved the knife, smiling as she replied to Mia’s message. Henry saw Mia entering Evelyn’s room, and the air around them instantly dropped to freezing. He sneered and told his assistant to throw the gift he had ordered for Evelyn away.

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Chapter 5

Mia gazed at the luxurious items in Evelyn’s room with malice, believing they should rightfully belong to her. When Evelyn woke up, Mia mentioned William’s desire to take Evelyn back, but Evelyn’s mocking smile and the knife in her hand unsettled Mia.

Evelyn then cut Mia’s wrist, terrifying her, and claimed the knife was fake. Mia fled, and Henry, upon seeing her covered in blood, rushed upstairs, intending to confront Evelyn. In the dimly lit room, Henry found Evelyn curled up and asleep on the bed.

Hesitant to disturb her, he pulled away the blanket, only for Evelyn to suddenly pull him onto the bed, cuddling up to him, much to his surprise and inner turmoil.

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Chapter 6

Henry’s fury was instantly extinguished by Evelyn’s sweet voice calling him by his name. Afraid of disturbing the rare tranquility, Henry maintained his posture, and unexpectedly fell asleep. The next morning, Evelyn appeared in the dining room, much to Henry’s surprise, and demanded food.

Henry pulled Evelyn into his arms and sensually removed the milk stain from her lips, savoring the sweet taste. Their intimate moment was interrupted by David, who had come to pick up Henry for a meeting. Evelyn was relieved to learn that Henry had agreed to give the land cooperation contract to the Martinez family, but the auction invitation had already been sent out, leaving her a chance to turn the situation around.

As Evelyn was about to drink her milk, her phone rang, displaying an affectionate nickname for “Dear William Brother,” much to her dismay.

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Chapter 7

Evelyn changed the contact name of her half-brother William from “Dear William Brother” to “Jerk” after a call, recalling how he had swindled away her family’s wealth and shares in her previous life. Determined to utilize the resources left by her grandmother, Evelyn decided to contact the research institute, but realized she needed a computer, which was only available in Henry’s study.

At The Wilson Group’s headquarters, David informed Henry about Evelyn’s strange reaction to William’s land acquisition, which caused the atmosphere in the car to turn tense. However, Evelyn’s subsequent messages, including a photo of the land sale contract and a playful emoji, seemed to appease Henry, and he responded in a lighthearted manner.

Back in the study, Evelyn requested permission to read books and use the computer, which Henry readily granted, despite the presence of confidential documents. As Evelyn settled down to read, her phone rang with a call from her “Dad,” causing her heart to turn cold.

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