Mated in the shadow of my sister by lady gwen Chapter Summary

Mated in the shadow of my sister by lady gwen

Mated in the Shadow of My Sister by Lady Gwen revolves around James Anderson, who lost his mate Stephanie in a rogue attack. Years later, he discovers that Stephanie’s younger sister Lily is his true mate, but their relationship is complicated by the pack’s blame towards Lily for Stephanie’s death.

Lily rejects James, unwilling to live in her sister’s shadow, leading to a series of revelations and James’ quest to win Lily back.

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Book TitleMated in the shadow of my sister
Authorlady gwen
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Alpha
Tags Werewolf, romance

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Mated in the shadow of my sister by lady gwen PDF

Mated in the shadow of my sister by lady gwen PDF

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Chapter 1

Lily, the 14-year-old daughter of the pack’s Beta, is set to have her first shift and meet her wolf on her birthday. However, her plans are derailed by the sudden death of her older sister, Stephanie, who was expected to become the pack’s future luna.

The funeral is scheduled on the same day, and Lily’s birthday decorations and celebrations have been replaced with somber arrangements. Lily reflects on the special significance of a 14th birthday for werewolves, as it marks the first meeting with their wolves.

She also questions the decision to start Stephanie’s luna training early, before she could confirm her mate. Lily’s sister was beloved by the pack, and exceptions were often made for her, which Lily found troubling. Lily is worried about her own first shift, as she hopes someone in her family will be able to support her through the painful process.

However, she knows that the timing is less than ideal, and she fears that her needs will be overlooked amidst the grief and chaos surrounding Stephanie’s funeral.

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Chapter 2

Lily, the 14-year-old daughter of the pack’s Beta, is preparing for her birthday, which is traditionally celebrated with a party and the first shift into her wolf form. However, her plans are upended by the sudden death of her older sister, Stephanie, who was widely anticipated to become the future luna of their pack.

Stephanie’s funeral is scheduled to take place on Lily’s birthday, and all the decorations and preparations for Lily’s party have been repurposed for the somber occasion. Lily reflects on the special significance of the 14th birthday for werewolves, as it marks the first meeting with their wolf.

She had been looking forward to the event, but now she must face her own first shift amidst the grief and turmoil of her sister’s passing. Lily also reveals her conflicted feelings about Stephanie, who was the pack’s favorite and was already undergoing luna training, even though the tradition was to wait until the 20th birthday to confirm one’s mate.

Lily wrestles with the decision to speak up about her concerns, fearing she will be accused of jealousy and disrespect towards the deceased. As Lily prepares to face her first shift, she hopes that someone in her family will be able to support her through the process, but she knows that the timing and circumstances make that unlikely.

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Chapter 3

The chapter follows James, the future alpha of the West Mountain Pack, as he attends the funeral of his beloved mate, Stephanie Brogan. The somber atmosphere is heightened by the cold and drizzly weather, but James is impressed by the pack’s efforts to honor Stephanie with beautiful floral arrangements and a large turnout of mourners, including wolves from other packs.

James reflects on the tragic circumstances surrounding Stephanie’s death, which occurred when she went to rescue her younger sister, Lily, who had snuck out of the pack territory. The discovery of Stephanie’s torn and bloody clothes in the woods has left James devastated, and he struggles to control his anger towards Lily, whom he blames for his mate’s untimely demise.

During the lengthy funeral ceremony, James observes the grief-stricken reactions of Stephanie’s family, including her parents, brother, and his own best friend. As the ceremony progresses, James becomes increasingly agitated by Lily’s apparent discomfort and disruptive behavior, vowing to seek his own revenge on the girl he holds responsible for his loss.

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Chapter 4

The chapter follows the perspective of Lily, a 14-year-old girl attending her sister Stephanie’s funeral. Lily is struggling to cope with the rituals and emotions of the event, feeling out of place and uncomfortable. As the night grows darker, Lily’s body begins to experience the painful sensations of her first shift into a wolf.

Guided by a mysterious voice in her head, Lily makes her way to a nearby waterfall, where she undergoes the transformation. There, she meets her wolf spirit, Rose, who reveals that Lily is a unique and special type of wolf, blessed by the Moon Goddess.

After learning about her new wolf form, Lily hurries back to the funeral, only to be met with her mother’s anger and disappointment. Her mother slaps her and continues to beat her, much to Lily’s distress. The chapter explores Lily’s emotional turmoil, the unexpected events surrounding her first shift, and the strained relationship with her family, setting the stage for further developments in the story.

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Chapter 5

Six years have passed since Stephanie’s death, and the grief in the pack remains raw and angry. Stephanie’s memory is now deeply ingrained in the pack, with streets, coffee drinks, and even her favorite outfits on display in her honor. The day of her death and her birthday have become pack holidays, with large commemorative celebrations.

Lily, the narrator, questions the pack’s excessive veneration of Stephanie, which has led to her being treated as a saint. This has caused a rift between Lily and her parents, who now barely look at her and wish it had been her, not Stephanie, who had died.

Lily’s relationship with her parents has deteriorated, and she has faced abuse and neglect from them. Lily has been forced to take on a part-time job to support herself, as her parents have stopped caring for her well-being. She has also not celebrated her own birthday since Stephanie’s death, and a rumor has spread that she is wolfless, which has led to further mistreatment from the pack.

Determined to escape the pack’s shadow, Lily has been working hard to graduate early and pursue a career as a werewolf doctor, hoping to eventually meet her mate in a different pack. Tomorrow is her birthday, and she wonders what it will hold.

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Chapter 6

In the chapter, James reflects on the six years since the death of his mate, Stephanie. He remembers her kindness, her passion, and the plans they had for their future together. Without Stephanie, James feels like only a fraction of the man and wolf he used to be, and he is not yet ready to take over as Alpha of the West Mountain Pack.

James struggles with the constant reminders of Stephanie, including the public ceremonies and remembrances held twice a year. He longs for the solace of a waterfall where he can grieve in private, but instead, he is expected to strike a delicate balance between sadness and strength in front of the pack.

The only respite James finds is when the “Little Brat” is around, as his wolf seems to have a soft spot for her, despite James’ own anger and frustration. Overall, James feels broken and unsure of his ability to lead the pack without Stephanie by his side.

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Chapter 7

Lily Donner returns to her pack after a long absence, encountering three male guards – Marcus, Joey, and Aiden – at the border gates. The guards do not recognize Lily, mistaking her for an imposter trying to steal the identity of the Beta’s daughter.

They make derogatory comments about Lily, believing she was cursed and stripped of her wolf due to the death of her sister Stephanie. Lily cringes as they mock her past experiences of bullying and the pack’s growing veneration of her sister.

Irritated, Lily insists the guards call her father, the Beta, but they are reluctant to do so. After a tense exchange, Lily watches as her father arrives at the check-in station.

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