The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter Summary

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The Billionaire‘s Kick A$s Wife revolves around a woman named Isabella Thompson who finds herself in a difficult situation after a night of drinking. She wakes up with no memory of what happened and discovers that rumors are circulating about her. Feeling ashamed and betrayed, Isabella seeks refuge with her wealthy relatives, the Lang family. However, they look down on her and treat her as an outsider. Isabella must now find a way to clear her name and regain her dignity.

As Isabella spends more time with the Lang family, she learns of their secrets and hidden agenda. It becomes clear that not everyone is who they seem. When mysterious threats are made against her life, Isabella realizes she is in danger. She decides to take her future into her own hands but facing unknown enemies proves challenging. Through it all, Isabella displays strength of character and refuses to back down even in the face of adversity.

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Book TitleThe Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags romance

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife PDF

The Billionaire's Kick A$s Wife PDF

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 1

She stumbled through the heavy rain and fell by a black car, her body soaked and freezing. Unable to think clearly, Isabella Thompson followed her instincts and opened the car door, crawling inside desperately to escape the rain.

Inside the dark car, a pair of eyes snapped open, darting towards the intruder with a sharp light and trace of killing intent. Isabella didn’t notice the danger, only feeling the warmth and moving closer without sensing the threat in the vehicle on that stormy night.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 2

Isabella’s thoughts were consumed by the events of the previous day as she found herself outside her parents’ house. She heard the sounds of laughter coming from inside along with Samantha Lang smugly saying “That b$$$h Isabella should be waking up in that old man’s bed now.” Samantha was a celebrity who had gained popularity from a TV show and was someone Isabella had admired as a fan.

Upon hearing Samantha’s voice, Isabella was stunned as the woman’s posters had previously lined the walls of her parents’ house when they too were fans. However, Samantha’s comment implied a changing dynamic in her relationship with Isabella and her family that was unclear from the context given.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 3

Isabella jerked her head up and looked fixedly at the handsome young man who was related to her. He had at mocking smile hovering around his lips. For some reason, she found the whole situation very absurd and hilarious. She let out loose a laugh. With a slight nod, she pulled open the door and got into the car.

When the driver called the Thompson family, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and Samantha walked out together and got into the car. They were surprised to see Isabella there too. Mrs. Thompson gaped and asked, “Bella, what are you doing here?” Isabella closed her eyes tiredly and replied, “I was on my way back and ran into Mr. Lang.” Mrs. Thompson frowned a little. She had expected Isabella to be on that old man’s bed now.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 4

Mrs. Lang confronted Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, accusing them of going back on their agreement to let Sammy visit them occasionally. She was upset after Sammy had said she was leaving the Lang family to live with the Thompsons. Mr. Thompson was lost for words, unable to explain what happened. Mrs. Thompson denied saying anything to influence Sammy’s decision. However, her glance towards Isabella suggested otherwise.

Noticing the glance, Mrs. Lang turned to Isabella with impatience. She immediately asked Isabella in a stern voice what she had said to Sammy, clearly blaming her for the situation. Isabella remained silent under Mrs. Lang’s scathing look.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 5

Isabella had been raised by the Thompsons but turned her back on them once she saw how wealthy the Lang family was, treating them like strangers and deeply hurting them. In contrast, Samantha was so kind and gentle that Ethan and Mrs. Lang immediately thought her more deserving to be their servant than Isabella.

Samantha and Isabella were vastly different, making the choice between them easy for the Lang family. Jason said he would send Mrs. Thompson to the hospital and headed to the front door, shooting Isabella an icy glare on the way out and telling her to catch up. With Samantha’s help, Mr. Thompson carried his injured wife on his back as they left behind Jason. Isabella also strode out with no intention to stay longer, receiving one last glance from Samantha before walking through the door.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 6

Isabella walked for hours down the long road from the hill where she had been left by the car the night before. With no phone or money, the flat sandals she wore were fortunate as high heels would have caused more suffering. By noon, she reached the foot of the hill exhausted.

Spotting Isabella through his car window, Jason mistook her for his injured sister Samantha and indifferently averted his eyes. Unable to feel her legs, Isabella took a taxi back to the Thompson couple’s rundown apartment in Dawton City. When she arrived, she used her key to enter the locked door and went upstairs to get money for the taxi fare.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 7

Betty argued with her brother that she did not bully the puppy Witty-Whitey. Though her brother claimed she did, Betty maintained her innocence to her mother. When her mother took the puppy from Betty’s arms, it was clear the puppy was merely playing dead and was relieved to be away from Betty.

Betty continued to insist to her brother that she was older than him, but he stated firmly that he was the elder sibling. Their light-hearted bickering over who was born first showed their sibling bond, despite the brother’s resignation to Betty’s stubborn nature on this matter.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 8

Isabella worried that the man determined to kill her would even kill her kids if he found out about their existence. She had endured many hardships to raise her kids alone, sparing no effort to excel in every skill and surpass her master through talent and hard work.

While Isabella wished to leave the village for safety, Jocelyn objected out of concern for her safety. They discussed other options such as going abroad, but Isabella believed that would only expose her sooner to the man seeking to kill her. All were aware of how difficult it had been for her to raise the kids alone while maintaining her skills, sleeping less than five hours nightly in her drive to provide a better future.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 9

Betty had eaten some poisonous pills which caused her grandparents worry. Though Betty felt no pain, her grandmother Jocelyn was angry at the danger she had put herself in. Betty realized she had done something wrong and apologized profusely through teary eyes. Isabella soothed Betty and told her not to do something so dangerous again, which Betty agreed to obediently.

Isabella then asked the old man Grandmaster to save Betty, saying what’s done is done. However, the Grandmaster refused, explaining the pills were lethal and could instantly end lives, though Betty had taken them long ago, she was still unaffected.

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The Billionaire’s Kick A$s Wife Chapter 10

The woman and boy caught Draxton’s attention as he walked down the street. Though most of the woman’s small face was covered by large sunglasses, Draxton found her lower face exquisite and familiar.

He kept seeing their images in his mind, especially the woman’s delicate jawline. Draxton suddenly stopped, causing his assistant James to nearly collide with him. James’ silver-rimmed glasses jerked from the abrupt movement. He hastily pushed them back up and asked Draxton in a low voice if they were being stalked, as Draxton’s safety was the top priority and many people wanted to take his life.

James became on edge automatically as Draxton’s bodyguards protected him in secret. Draxton’s strange reaction to the woman and boy he saw, and his stopping abruptly, concerned James that they may be in danger. However, the cause of Draxton’s change in demeanor was not yet clear.

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