When the Night Falls by Nureyluna Chapter Summary

When the Night Falls

Jasmine Gibson is in a tough situation. Her bank account is almost empty, she has no job and her family has turned their back on her for rejecting their choice of husband for her. So when a mysterious woman contacts her about a job which pays a million dollars, she jumps at the chance. Now she’s working for Mr. Jefferson as a babysitter for his daughter… but that’s not all he has in mind for Jasmine.

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Book Title When the Night Falls


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When the Night Falls PDF

When the Night Falls PDF

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Chapter 1

Theodore Jefferson, a powerful and mysterious figure in the UK, attended a prestigious gala event. As a server, Jasmine was assigned to his table, where she noticed a young girl at his side who appeared uncomfortable. Jasmine attempted to comfort the girl by offering her a handkerchief, but this caught the attention of Theodore, whose cold and aloof demeanor made Jasmine worry that she had overstepped.

As Jasmine quickly retreated to the kitchen, she glanced back to see Theodore rising from his seat and walking towards her, his eyes locked on her.

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Chapter 2

When Jasmine burst through the door, she had a look of terror on her face. She needed to talk to Chef Hobbs alone, explaining that she had offered a handkerchief to Mr. Jefferson’s crying daughter, angering the important guest. Hobbs scolded Jasmine, reminding her that she should not interfere with guests, especially someone as significant as Theodore Jefferson.

He then made inappropriate advances, suggesting that Jasmine could avoid being fired if she let him “get what he wants.” Jasmine pushed him off and ran out, crying. As Jasmine made her way home, she noticed a black limousine slowly following her.

The window rolled down, and a hand offered her a handkerchief embroidered with the initials “T.J.” The voice from the car instructed her to come inside, and when the door opened, Jasmine saw that the car belonged to none other than Theodore Jefferson.

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Chapter 3

Theodore Jefferson, a rich and powerful man, offers Jasmine, a struggling aspiring chef, a job as a nanny to his daughter Thea. Jasmine is hesitant at first, but the offer of a million dollars for a year’s work is too good to pass up.

She agrees to the job, even though it means moving into the Jefferson estate and following strict rules. Iris, the household manager, briefs Jasmine on the rules and takes her apartment key, signifying the end of her old life. Just as Iris is about to continue explaining the rules, Theodore interrupts and asks to speak to Jasmine privately.

He warns her that there is nothing that happens in the house that he is not aware of, and that security is of utmost importance given her new role as Thea’s caretaker. He then says he needs to show Jasmine something “top secret,” hinting at the mysteries and challenges that lie ahead for her in this new position.

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Chapter 4

Theodore Jefferson led Jasmine to a hidden panic room in his house, explaining it was for security in case of a breach. When they went to meet Thea, Jasmine immediately connected with the young girl, bonding over their shared love of Frozen.

Despite Theodore’s initial hesitation, Jasmine convinced him to join them for a Frozen movie night. Jasmine felt an undeniable attraction to Theodore, and the tension between them grew as they sat close under the blanket. However, Theodore abruptly ended the movie night and sent Thea to bed.

Later, Jasmine went to the kitchen for a late-night snack, only to be caught by a furious-looking Theodore.

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Chapter 5

The chapter centers around Jasmine, the nanny, and her growing attraction towards her boss, Theodore Jefferson. After Jasmine suggests watching the movie “Frozen” with Thea, Theodore becomes angry, feeling that she is overstepping her boundaries. Jasmine tries to appease him by offering suggestions on how he could bond with Thea, but this only further infuriates Theodore.

He looms over Jasmine, and the tension between them becomes palpable, with an underlying s$$$$l attraction. Later, alone in her room, Jasmine fantasizes about Theodore joining her and being intimate with her. She becomes increasingly aroused and pleasures herself while imagining Theodore’s presence and touch.

Jasmine knows that this attraction is problematic, as Theodore is her boss, and she reminds herself of the disastrous situation with Mr. Hobbs in the past. However, she finds it difficult to control her growing desires for Theodore.

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Chapter 6

Jasmine oversleeps, causing her to rush to get ready for the day. Iris introduces Jasmine to Sherry, Thea’s new bodyguard, who is impressed by Jasmine’s connection with Thea. Jasmine makes a delicious breakfast of pancakes for Thea and Sherry, and they bond over their dislike of Iris.

When Jasmine returns home, she is nervous about seeing Theodore, worried that he will somehow know about her dream involving him. To her surprise, she finds Theodore and Thea having a pleasant conversation, and Thea is excited to show Jasmine that she is back.

As Jasmine puts away the groceries, Theodore follows her into the kitchen. They have a charged moment, and Theodore admits that Jasmine was in his dream the previous night, hinting at a growing attraction between them.

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Chapter 7

Jasmine recounts a dream where Theodore crawled into her bed, and they almost kissed. However, their intimate moment was interrupted by Iris, who scolded Jasmine for her inappropriate behavior with her boss. Jasmine resolves to focus on her work and avoid getting involved with Theodore.

Later, Jasmine overhears Theodore arguing with a mysterious icy-blonde woman, who threatens to return. Jasmine is curious about the woman’s identity and her connection to Theodore, but she refrains from asking him about it. In the evening, Jasmine prepares a delicious dinner, but Theodore does not partake.

Jasmine then spends time reading a BDSM novel in the library, imagining Theodore as the protagonist. Theodore catches her and confronts her about the book, leading to a charged encounter where he intimately touches her.

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