Blood red love by Dripping Creativity Chapter Summary

Blood red love by Dripping Creativity

Blood red love by Dripping Creativity revolves around a waitress named Charlie who works at ‘The Red Lady’ and is drawn to a mysterious Mafia boss and vampire named Vidar, despite the risks involved. Vidar is instantly captivated by Charlie, but must navigate the rules and expectations of his group, the “Thursday club.” The story explores the forbidden attraction between the two and the potential consequences of their relationship.

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Book TitleBlood red love
AuthorDripping Creativity
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Anystories
GenresRomance, Dripping Creativity, Charlie and Tina
TagsBillionaire/CEO, Mafia Leader, Maid, R18, Sensual, Strong Female Lead, Supernature Earth, Truelove, Vampire

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Blood red love by Dripping Creativity PDF

Blood red love by Dripping Creativity PDF

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Chapter 1

Charlie, a bartender at ‘The Red Lady’, is asked to serve the regular Thursday group of men, who are rumored to be part of the mafia or spies. Tina, another bartender, had previously served them but was reduced to tears after one of the men insulted her appearance.

Charlie reluctantly takes over the task, serving the men their drinks. She is particularly struck by one of the men, Vidar, who has striking blue eyes and a fit physique. During the card game, Vidar makes a rude comment about Charlie’s weight, but she decides to ignore it and maintain her composure.

The other men continue to make inappropriate remarks, but Charlie focuses on her job, determined to get through the night. Jenni, the bar owner, offers to send Tina back in, but Charlie insists on handling the situation herself, not wanting to give the men the satisfaction of driving her away.

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Chapter 2

The card game was in full swing, and Charlie was asked to stay by Mr. Cosmopolitan. The men tried to guess her real name, but no one was successful. Vidar, who was on the winning team, remained silent and observed Charlie.

When the men decided to discuss business, Charlie was dismissed for an hour. During her break, she received several missed calls from her estranged father and stepmother. After the hour was up, Charlie returned with the drinks and faced an inappropriate advance from Mr.

Cosmopolitan, which was quickly shut down by another man. The men ordered food, and Charlie enlisted the help of Leo, the chef’s assistant, to bring it to them. The men continued their conversation, with Nasir trying to get Leo to reveal Charlie’s real name, but he was unsuccessful.

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Chapter 3

The evening at the bar went smoothly, despite some sexist and rude behavior from the patrons. Charlie received a generous tip from the “Thursday Club” and contemplated working there again. Her brother Huxton called to check on her, offering to have their friend James pick her up, but Charlie declined, wanting to take the bus home.

However, when she missed the bus, Vidar, one of the patrons, offered her a ride home in his Lincoln Town Car. Reluctantly, Charlie accepted, not wanting to be rude. During the drive, Vidar remained silent and focused on his reading. Charlie felt uncomfortable but was relieved when they reached her hotel.

She thanked Vidar and the driver before walking the final block to her apartment, aware that Vidar could potentially track her down if he wished.

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Chapter 4

Vidar, preoccupied with thoughts of the waitress he had offered a ride to, tries to focus on a report on his tablet. His driver, Malcom, comments on the waitress, but Vidar dismisses it. Vidar’s mind continues to dwell on the waitress, even as he is informed of an issue with the company’s IT system by Lucas, the head of the IT department.

Lucas explains that there seems to be a delay in the company’s IT system, and he suspects someone is intercepting and tampering with the digital messages. Vidar tasks Lucas with finding an expert in hacking and IT security to investigate the issue further.

Later, Vidar receives a call from Adisa, another member of the “Thursday club,” who requests that the waitress from the previous week be assigned to them again. Vidar reluctantly agrees, knowing he will have to ignore her presence during the meeting, as he had done before.

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Chapter 5

Charlie had a day off, but her boss Jenni called and asked her to come in to serve a group called the Thursday Club, who had specifically requested her. Charlie agreed, as the tips had been good with them before. When Charlie arrived at her brother Huxton’s house for a family dinner, she was surprised to find her brother’s friend James there as well.

James and Charlie had a close relationship, and he expressed concern about the clientele at Charlie’s bar job, particularly a man named Vidar Grims who was under investigation. As they drove to the bar, James asked Charlie out on a date, which she agreed to.

When Charlie arrived at the bar, Jenni told her the Thursday Club had just arrived, and she quickly got ready to serve them.

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Chapter 6

Nasir, a member of the “Thursday gang,” welcomed Charlie back as she returned to serve them drinks. Adisa, a tall and charming man, asked Charlie to be his good luck charm during the game they were playing. The group tried to guess Charlie’s real name, with Millard suggesting art history as a suitable major for her, while the Asian man guessed she studied IT.

Charlie eventually revealed that she was studying cyber security. Vidar seemed displeased with this revelation. During her break, Charlie discussed James, her brother’s friend, asking her out on a date, and Lilly encouraged her to give it a try. When Charlie returned to the back room, she continued serving the men, who made sure she didn’t end up in Millard’s lap, as he seemed to make her uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the night, the men thanked Charlie and left, and Jenni informed her that the group had requested her services for the following week. As Charlie was leaving, a familiar black car stopped in front of her, and the driver, a man, greeted her.

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Chapter 7

Charlie was reluctantly persuaded to get into Vidar’s car, where he made her an unexpected business proposition. Vidar needed to hire an outside IT consultant to assess and potentially fix an issue with his company’s IT system. He invited Charlie to interview for the role, despite her lack of extensive IT experience.

Charlie agreed to the interview, even though she was unsure about Vidar’s intentions. The next day, Charlie arrived at Vidar’s company headquarters for the interview. She was nervous, but also concerned about Vidar’s opinion of her appearance. During the interview, Charlie met with Vidar and the head of his IT department, Mr.

Peniro. The meeting took place in Vidar’s impressive office, which reflected his sophisticated and professional demeanor. Charlie was determined to prove her capabilities and secure the consulting position, despite her initial reservations about Vidar’s proposition.

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