Sold to the Ruthless Alpha Chapter Summary

Sold to the Ruthless Alpha


Sold to the Ruthless Alpha by D Fox revolves around Emma, who is forced to marry James Miller, a billionaire involved with the mafia, when her mother becomes ill. Despite James’ cold and cruel demeanor, Emma is drawn to him, even as he makes it clear he has no interest in touching her, his own mate.

Book TitleSold to the Ruthless Alpha
AuthorD Fox
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf
Tagslove-triangle, contract marriage, HE, powerful, boss, drama, bxg, city, musclebear

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Chapter One: My Cold, Ruthless Husband

The chapter follows Emma, a young woman whose mother is critically ill and in need of an expensive surgery. Emma’s only hope is to seek help from her husband, James Miller, a powerful and wealthy businessman. However, James rejects her plea, accusing her of being unfaithful and carrying another man’s child.

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Desperate, Emma reaches out to her sister Claire, only to discover that Claire is involved in a s$$$$l relationship with Emma’s former lover, Michael. The chapter ends with Emma’s heart-wrenching realization of her sister’s betrayal, further complicating her already dire situation.

Chapter Two: The Man I Love?

Emma discovers her sister Claire and her boyfriend Mike engaging in a s$$$$l act. Shocked, Emma confronts them, only to be met with Mike’s cruel revelation that he never loved her and that the baby she is carrying is not his. Claire mocks Emma and shows no concern for their dying mother.

Desperate to know the truth, Emma agrees to Mike’s demand to drive some people to a specific address, which turns out to be one of James Miller’s private properties. Trapped in the car with two men, Emma realizes she has no choice but to comply, fearing for her and her unborn child’s safety.

Chapter Three: The Scary Truth

James’ bodyguards let Emma and a group of reporters into the manor. The reporters confront James, asking about his alleged connections to the mafia. A mysterious blond man then pulls out a gun, causing chaos. James orders his men to remove the reporters, then takes Emma to a room and angrily confronts her.

James accuses Emma of bringing the reporters there at the behest of his rival, Michael, in an attempt to expose him. He suggests that Michael is using Emma and the pregnancy to his advantage. Furious, James demands that Emma get rid of the baby, threatening to do it himself if she refuses. The chapter ends with James forcefully tearing Emma’s shirt as he makes his threat.

Chapter Four: I’d Rather Be Dead

Emma is horrified when James orders her to kill the child she is carrying.

When a man arrives to take her to a clinic, the doctor informs Emma that an abortion would likely leave her unable to have children in the future.

Determined to keep her baby, Emma refuses to sign the papers and instead insists on speaking to James.

At James’ meeting, Emma is shocked to find him in the company of scantily-clad women.

When she confronts him about it, James dismisses her concerns.

Emma pleads with him not to make her terminate the pregnancy, but he callously states that it is not his problem.

Enraged, Emma attempts to slap James, only to be met with a gun pointed at her by one of his men.

Chapter Five:  His Wife

Emma is stunned when James’ man holds a gun to her, but James doesn’t do anything.

Emma confronts James, calling him a monster and saying she’d rather be dead than be his pawn.

Surprisingly, the man lowers the gun, and James dismisses everyone, leaving him and Emma alone.

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James tells Emma he can’t let her die and that he will act as her real husband, taking care of her and the child.

He even says he might reconsider his stance on touching her.

However, he has a condition – Emma must never meet Michael again.

Emma agrees, but before meeting James, she decides to have one last conversation with Michael.

At the restaurant, she learns that the money for her mother’s operation was not paid by Michael, contrary to what she believed.

This is when Emma’s sister, Claire, bursts in, accusing Emma of trying to steal her man, Michael.

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